Trump faces question: Does he want to govern?

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham warned that there is "an entitlement mentality for a whole new generation of people who are in this country" illegally after a group of immigrants shouted down House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at a Monday press conference, during an interview Tuesday on Fox News' "Fox & Friends". The exuberant mood was a far distant from the uncomfortable setting in the Bay Area, where she was called a "liar" by young immigrants who claim she and Democrats were not fighting to end deportation.

Then last week, Pelosi and Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer met with President Donald Trump twice and discussed a deal to provide legal status to young immigrants.

Miriam Moreno wrote on Facebook, "Wooow".

That was the protesters' message Monday: Holding signs reading "Fight 4 All 11 Million" and "Democrats Are Deporters", they chanted "All of us or none of us", seemingly demanding that Democrats fight to protect all undocumented immigrants from deportation, rather than just those eligible for DACA.

"We agreed that the President would support enshrining DACA protections into law" the pair said in a joint statement, adding that no funding for Trump's long-promised wall on the US-Mexico border would be in the deal.

President Donald Trump canceled DACA earlier this month, but left Congress a six-month window in which to find a legislative solution for the roughly 800,000 DACA beneficiaries. We are calling on Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act now. "This administration's heartless, endless efforts to target and marginalize immigrant communities makes the immediate passage of a clean DREAM Act all the more urgent", said SAALT executive director Suman Raghunathan.

The event was held at College Track San Francisco at 4301 3rd San Francisco.

During the 2016 presidential election, Trump ran on a hardline immigration platform, promising to end DACA and build a wall on the border with Mexico to stop immigrants from entering and increase jobs for U.S. workers. If Trump's immovable base takes its cues from their leader and sits out the midterm, it may lead to the awful outcome of Democratic control. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi went to dinner at the White House, we might have guessed that machinations would be on the menu. "We have to save the Dreamers now", Pelosi said at a news conference at the Capitol. "Since you don't want to listen, we'll have to just stop". The GOP can't even agree that they all want to keep their seats next year with Trump condoning primaries against sitting conservative senators.

RawStory reported that protesters "chanted and yelled for more than 30 minutes".

Despite their differences, Trump and Pelosi share one trait - neither is known for talking with precision. "They should have shut it down and said, 'Citizenship should mean something, end of story, that's not a partisan issue'".

"You don't know what you're taking about", a visibly upset Pelosi responded. "Coming together" is absolutely the last idea to animate Trump's White House.

  • Leroy Wright