Protests resume after 120 arrests in St Louis 'disorder'

Whether or not their feelings are reality, the pain is real - and thankfully our Founding Fathers placed a vehicle in our Constitution that lets us voice our pain. Don't throw rocks through windows. An FBI expert testified that at least one shot was sacked at Smith from less than 6 inches away, KMOV News reported.

For most of Saturday, the protests stayed peaceful.

State Rep. Bruce Franks (D), who also attended the protest, said those demonstrators who practice violence "are not protesters" and do not represent the marchers and the organizers. The area is known for restaurants, shops and bars.

Police tweeted about the "multiple property damages" at 11:23 p.m. "We shouldn't be so fearful here".

The protesters have dispersed since with plans for another rally Monday evening in University City, the site of destructive protests on Saturday. They belong to the rest of us.

More than 80 protesters were arrested Sunday night after their demonstrations turned violent in downtown St. Louis.

"The police's work is to facilitate the peaceful protest and to try to find a way to contain the small element that will commit criminal acts". Kiener Plaza provided no shade but that didn't stop hundreds of people from across many different faith communities from gathering Tuesday afternoon to pray together. The police officers were shouting the words, whose streets, our streets.

Protesters shouted slogans such as "black lives matter" and "it is our duty to fight for our freedom" as they marched through West County Center mall in the suburb of Des Peres, west of St. Louis.

Police have also publicly released the personal information of activist arrested during demonstrations, adding to their list of "questionable" tactics.

"Tomorrow I'm calling a contractor, and they're going to give us a bid about it", he said.

"None of it could've happened at all, had there not been a dead body, had there not been a police officer who did something absolutely horrendous", she said on loud speaker to the crowd.

"45 years ago, this street was in great decline, and by embracing diversity we overcame it", said Edwards. They chanted, "Free our people now".

At one point, Annie Smith, mother of shooting victim Anthony Lamar Smith, joined the marchers.

But Sean Porter, 25, of St. Louis, was among those arrested at the intersection and one of several who said Monday that they could not follow orders to disperse because police had them blocked in.

But some celebrities are avoiding St. Louis this weekend. Police provided a list of the 123 people tonight. Charges included assault, destruction of property, resisting arrest and failure to disperse. Speaking with several officers out there at the scene, they both voiced their disagreement with the chants to me.

But as the night wore on and protesters converged outside the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson, someone threw a rock through a window and paint was splashed on the home.

Anticipating more demonstrations, U2's Saturday concert and Ed Sheeran's Sunday concert were canceled because police said it would be unable to provide proper protection for the events.

A former St. Louis police officer, who told his partner he meant to kill a black man moments before shooting him to death following a auto chase, was acquitted of first-degree murder charges by a judge following a bench trial. Prosecutors said Stockley planted a gun that was found on Smith afterward.

Stockley argued that before firing he had ordered Smith to show his hands and believed the suspect was reaching for a handgun.

  • Leroy Wright