With new operating system, Apple revamps its money-making App Store

This has been a long time coming - and in iOS 10.3, Apple included a way for iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch users to check which apps they have that will no longer be compatible. Nonetheless, iOS 11 contains a large number of cool features that are going to make Apple's user experience an even smoother experience. Skip this step altogether if you are planning to clean install iOS 11.

In the biggest software release ever for Apple devices, the AR apps will enable the users to view virtual content on top of real-world scenes for interactive gaming, immersive shopping experiences, industrial design and more. The iOS 11 comes with new features and improvement over it's older version. I've been using the iOS 11 beta all summer, and below, I've picked out the 11 coolest things you'll be able to do with your iPhone that you couldn't do before. Apple has officially removed some of these applications from the App Store, yet this new rule makes the remove explicit with the goal that they can't get on in any case.

The Photos app also features a wide range of new filters to make images look better and all snaps will take up about half as much space as before due to Apple's new "High-Efficiency Image File Format" (HEIF).

FASHION BRAND AND PHONE MAKER Apple is reportedly banning dodgy antivirus apps from its iOS App Store, a move that would save users from downloading fake crap that is probably hard to remove.

Screen Recording is also present it will allow you to record screen without any cables necessary and one even turn the microphone audio on/off which can be useful in different ways. If you weren't wowed by what Apple had to offer with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you may be tempted by what some of the Android-based phone makers have to offer.

One of the most exciting features about the release of ARKit is that Apple is the first company to truly bring advanced augmented reality to the masses.

If you still have an iPod touch, only the sixth-generation model is still supported.

Apple announced its iOS 11 mobile operating system during the company's launch event on September 12. You can go to Settings About Software Update and check for the update.

Every year when the new iOS update arrives we see a spike in searches for iPhone slow and complaints on social media from users who think their iPhone is slower. Do not forget to download on WiFi as data charges will be high, considering this could be a heavy update, close to 1GB depending on when you last updated the iOS device.

For iTunes, connect your device to your computer. The notification will alert you of the iOS update, but only if you have an active internet connection.

There are several new photo filters that are created to give your snaps a bit more style.

Here's what people are saying about iOS 11 slowing down their iPhone while using the iOS 11 GM.

9to5Mac reports on changes to the Apple developer terms and conditions, which spell out the bad news for scam monkeys and ne'er do wells.

  • Carolyn Briggs