Virtual classes available for Florida students displaced by Irma

Dominion Energy crews spent the weekend in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

We didn't have a plan for them.

There is hope that many more people will get their service restored in three days.

After the storm, 99 percent of power customers had no electricity.

Some have no idea what they're coming back to - for all they know, their home and belongings are gone.

Meanwhile, many across South Florida are looking to do their part for the Keys, including Rotary clubs, which gathered supplies to fly down to Key West.

For example, "if you've got a storage tank, and you want to make repairs to the tank, you don't have to wait for a permit", Nelson said. He now heads the Austin-based nonprofit nursing home resident advocacy group Families for Better Care.

A home left in ruins Wednesday in Big Pine Key shows how the Florida Keys bore the brunt of Irma. "With that said, we had over 600 nursing homes that took care of their residents in a safe and productive manner before, during and after Irma". Authorities will open up the entire chain of islands to residents Sunday morning.

But officials said they are anxious a new crisis could emerge when homeowners find their neighborhoods have no fuel, power, running water and other basic services. "And we don't have shelters right now". "As we continue to evaluate and learn more about the canoe, our goal is to ensure it is preserved and protected for future generations in the local community and across Florida to learn from and enjoy".

Security First Insurance, the second largest insurer of single-family homes in Florida, with 340,000 overall policies, is one of the companies that has expanded since the last major hurricane seasons.

We at the Chronicle failed to have our own plan for gasoline.

"Some of us never really communicated and this really has brought us together", he said.

Elvira Vega initially fled to Orlando and then waited in Tampa for the Keys to reopen.

"Oh, yeah. There's been all kinds of people", Jerry said.

"At any point in time they could have evacuated anyone they thought was in danger", she said Saturday. I can't think of anything worse than the government getting more involved in nursing home residents' health care.

Relief may be days away.

"It's not vacation", Sarkar said.

Barr and his wife fled to his parents' home in the northern Florida ahead of the storm, he told CNN affiliate WCJB, and are watching for their moment to return. Stanwood said to a woman sitting in the mangled mess. "Hi".

But more than anything, Sarkar is just happy to be allowed to go home.

"I got to it before it was picked up by the country with all the other storm debris and placed in a landfill", he said in a Facebook post. "I'm very, very happy".

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