The Impact Some Claim Ending DACA Will Have on Home Care

Meanwhile, Trump has cut a deal with Democrats that could extend DACA when it expires in six months.

Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said any legislation to protect "Dreamers" would be paired with measures to strengthen border security, which he called the "the root cause" of problems from widespread opioid addiction to violent gangs such as MS-13.

"I also find comfort in my community that we rally together; we support each other and we have been protecting each other for many years and I have trust that we will continue to do that", said Irazoqui-Ruiz.

It was seven years ago the Republican Senator Dick Lugar of IN and I sent a letter to President Obama asking him to establish this program. It was imposed by executive action in 2012 under President Barack Obama and rescinded by the Trump administration on September 5, but a six-month window was provided to give Congress time to address the issue.

The civil rights organization estimates 95 percent of DACA recipients are people of color, and claims those more than 800,000 recipients are having their right to due process violated.

The majority of DACA eligible residents come from Mexico, Guatemala, Korea, El Salvador and the Philippines, according to

"It's going to have a real impact on consumers", Paul Osterman, a professor at the Sloan School at MIT and author of a new book on long-term care workers, said of the DACA move.

Cuomo said he's not convinced Trump turn to bipartisanship is a good bet for Democrats.

Dan Lee rarely talks about his status as a DACA recipient.

She knows of those who have left for states that are "a bit more welcoming" and have "more support for DACA recipients". "They are job creators, not job stealers", he said.

So, for this second question, 73 percent favored legislation that would protect Dreamers from deportation.

As for DACA - the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - everybody seems to be reacting violently to the prospect of a devil's deal with Democrats, but nobody really knows exactly what deal, if any, has been reached. I do not envy the federal official who informs one of the first responders in Houston (Hurricane Harvey) or the MIT student in Cambridge that he or she has six months to leave the country.

Protesters said Saturday that immigrants had a right to chase their dreams in the US.

"To reverse course now and deport these individuals is contrary to fundamental American principles and the best interests of our country", the chamber said in a statement, adding that it runs counter to the president's goal of bolstering the economy.

"It was the previous administration's arbitrary circumvention of Congress that got us to this point".

  • Leroy Wright