Knife-wielding U.S. student shot dead

21-year-old Scout Schultz, who was a four-year engineering student, can be seen on video walking towards the police with what is believed to be a knife.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case.

The attorney for Schultz's family said that the campus police overreacted and asked why the situation couldn't have been handled by nonlethal measures. An alert was issued for people to stay indoors as things got heated.

WSB-TVs Justin Wilfon reported that at least one officer sustained a head injury and was loaded into the back of an ambulance. As a result, many are left wondering why police shot the student in the first place.

A spokesman for the Georgia Tech Police Department, told CNN their officers do not carry stun guns.

They were the president of the campus Pride Alliance.

Officers were responding to a 911 call. Schultz continued to advance on the officers with the knife.

Several suicide notes were later found in their dorm room, and Schultz had a history of mental illness and a previous suicide attempt.

After not complying with demands from officers, the GBI says an officer shot Schultz after the student approached them with a knife.

Schultz, born Scott Schultz, did not identify as male or female and was majoring in computer engineering at Georgia Tech.

The shooting occurred on Saturday, after Georgia Tech campus police received a report of a "person with a knife and a gun", CBS 46 reported. Scout, who was gender nonbinary and preferred not to be identified with masculine pronouns, had attempted suicide two years previously.

In stunning cellphone video captured by witnesses, officers can be heard saying they didn't "want to hurt" Schultz, who slowly walks around the street.

But Stewart disputes that the student activist- president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance- had a deadly weapon on him at all. "We love you Scout and we will continue to push for change".

A lawyer for the family said Schultz had a utility tool and the blade wasn't out. "They definitely were not in any immediate threat for their life or their safety", Stewart said, according to CNN and other outlets.

In a Facebook post from the Pride Alliance student-run group, Schultz is described as the "driving force" behind the group who pushed for more events.

  • Leroy Wright