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Announced earlier this week, the iPhone 8 and Phone 8 Plus pre-orders start tonight and the release date arrives on September 22nd. Its schedule is a bit late compared to the iPhone 8 devices, but Apple promised that it would be worth the wait and money.

As a reminder, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come with an A11 Bionic chip which is ready for Augmented Reality and is very much efficient and fast as compared with A10 chip. Getting the iPhone 8 on Sprint results in a 50% discount on the iPhone 8. In the meantime, Telus customers can pre-register for updates on when pre-orders become available. Only 8% said to buy the iPhone 8 and 11% want the iPhone 8 Plus.

It remains to be seem whether LTE speeds are necessary or not for the Apple Watch. It's essentially the final build but released on a small scale at first in case a last minute bug pops up and Apple needs to patch it. This means to buy an iPhone X before the Holidays will be a huge challenge. But this year is different. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are available for pre-order and they are selling out. At present, the Wi-Fi only variants of the Watch use the iPhone's data connection for apps that run on it. Sounds neat, if you are heading out for a quick morning jog or spend a while in the gym before heading out for work. They are not the only game in town, however, as there are regional carriers too.

The iPhone 8 comes with a glass and metal, front and back body that gives the handset the sleek, stylish yet sturdy look.

Image showing the all new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. An Apple support representative told a MacRumors reader that an "Apple Watch purchased in the USA online store will only work with the four carriers in the United States". Let's see with this, Apple iPhone 8 price in India, will this phone will win hearts of the users or not. "It's doubly important for the US carriers to be competitive as consumers upgrade their old iPhone with one of the latest models".

When you need more protection - like when working out, going outdoors or being more active - you can snap on the include Impactium Ultra Bumper. Because the watch needs to be on the same network as a customer's iPhone and is likely to use scant amounts of data, this may be a charge that will get discarded quickly as these carriers compete for subscribers.

  • Arturo Norris