Burma Campaign 'horrified' by killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Rohingya from 10 camps, cordoned off by police guards near Sittwe, say some camps received food rations in August, but most of the camps did not. "Conditions on the ground place children at risk of high risk of water-borne disease".

The UN refugee agency says not enough aid is getting through to the Rohingya who have fled to Bangladesh.

On Sept. 12, the United Nations refugee agency said the number of Rohingya refugees that have fled the recent escalation of violence against the minority group has spiked to about 370,000.

"When one-third of the Rohingya population has got to flee the country, can you find a better word to describe it?" "I think nobody wants to see a return to military rule in Burma, nobody wants to see a return of the generals", he said.

In a period of past three weeks' time in excess of 370,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped from Rakhine State. In Rakhine, violence did not stop due to religious boundaries.

There are 22 inmates from Myanmar who are in Sajiwa central jail in Imphal - of them, 11 are Rohingya Muslims from the Rakhine state, who have been suffering in confinement after Myanmarese authorities refused to take them in.

Mr. Guterres reported the alleged attacks being carried out by security forces on Rohingya villagers and said that they are entirely unacceptable.

"There are 22-23 people in jail; many from Rohingya community".

Some 389,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since violence began last month.

Myanmar rejects the accusations, saying its security forces are carrying out clearance operations to defend against the insurgents of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, which claimed responsibility for the August 25 attacks and similar, though smaller, attacks in October. He said that there is no immediate fix to this crisis, as people in Rakhine have been facing mistreatment and human rights abuses.

"Underlying issues need to be dealt with in Rakhine State, and what we urgently, urgently need is an worldwide mobilisation of support for the tens of thousands of, of very vulnerable people who we have seen streaming into Bangladesh, often already arriving in very poor condition", the spokesman said.

The Ministry of Commerce said in a brief statement on Thursday evening that the government would "trigger emergency humanitarian aid.to provide much-needed materials to help Bangladesh resettle the refugees".

In the meantime, diplomats said that Sweden and Britain requested a closed meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the "deteriorating situation" of the Rohingya, and hoped to hold the meeting on Wednesday.

McConnell warned against "unfounded criticism" of Suu Kyi, noting that she has no command over the powerful military which ran the country for 50 years.

The worldwide community heaped scorn on the Nobel Peace laureate icon for the struggle for democracy in Myanmar, particularly after the violence started against Rohingyas in Rakhine State of her country.

For those fleeing fire-hit areas further south, it may take weeks to cross over hard terrain, blanketed by security forces, to reach the Bangladesh border.

The spokesman said the Nobel laureate, who serves both as Myanmar's foreign minister and as a "special adviser" to the government, would deliver a televised address next week to "speak for national reconciliation and peace".

  • Leroy Wright