Seahawks injury update for Sunday's game versus the 49ers

The Packers won despite one of the slowest offensive starts in recent memory.

San Francisco is three coaches removed from Harbaugh, while the Seahawks have their group mostly intact and have been the NFC's most consistent contender since their last home loss to the red and gold. After every home game, he's probably the first person that acknowledges us when we walk through the door.

"Just in the personnel on the field alone, we have more speed", McCarthy said. "We have all the right people that can win and capitalize on what we are trying to do".

"One of the interesting things is, when Kyle Shanahan was putting together his staff and putting together what he wanted from the defense, he looked up north".

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said after the loss to the Broncos that he "should have been more patient" and "stayed true to the run game" when the Chargers fell behind by two scores in the second half.

Head coach Pete Carroll had expressed his disappointment in the way the unit had played against the Packers on Monday.

Jimmie Ward remains limited and Shanahan is simply hopeful Ward might have a shot to play at Seattle.

Green Bay's defense clearly has more speed to throw at the Falcons this time. Reid has studied his Seahawks counterpart in order to acclimate himself to the new role.

"I think he will", Carroll said. "Because I like John a lot and he's asked a lot of questions, more than most guys do, and he went into a lot of depth, so he does know how we think and all. That's the way I've always played since I was in high school", Rodgers said.

In the Seahawks' loss to the Packers in Week 1, Seattle was able to rush for just 90 yards and Wilson was sacked four times. The oldest starter on San Francisco's defense is linebacker NaVorro Bowman, a 29-year-old who entered the league in 2010.

The 49ers are 14-point underdogs as they travel to play the Seahawks, making an upset Sunday far less likely than what Harbaugh and Alex Smith pulled off in Philadelphia. Five of those meetings have been decided by double digits, and two have resulted in 20-plus point margins. "Whether that's becoming part of what they (the 49ers) do, I don't know". Seattle keeping him out of practice means little to nothing. "We hadn't really seen that at all in the preseason". The defense tried to hold off the Green Bay offense as long as they could, but they were on the field for 39:13 and simply exhausted out as the Packers did what they wanted later in the game.

There's a lot riding on Sunday's matchup. Seattle struggled to do much of anything on the offensive side of the ball and in turn forced the defense to make a few mistakes when exhausted to lead to a 17-9 win for the Packers.

"They weren't obviously prepared and set up the way they want to be set up, so that's why we do it and we want to keep them on the field as much as possible".

  • Julie Sanders