School shooting suspect to appear in court

A teacher interviewed by deputies identified Sharpe was carrying a handgun after he heard multiple gunshots.

An affidavit filed by a police detective following 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe's arrest stated that the suspect said he had been picked on by the slain boy, identified only by his initials, S.D.S., who told Sharpe: "I always knew you were going to shoot up the school".

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich held a press conference Thursday afternoon to update people on the investigation into the fatal shooting at Freeman High School and spoke briefly about how he believes society, the media and elected officials are partially to blame for school shootings.

Cory Therman, another student at the school, says Sharpe walked by her holding a gun and had "no expression". Harper said Sharpe was obsessed with school shootings, and had been watching documentaries about teenage gunmen. "Today he made a decision to bring guns to school including a rifle which was stored in his large duffel bag and a handgun inside his coat pocket". Witnesses say Sam Strahan went toward the shooter, trying to stop him. He dropped the bag and removed the rifle and tried to load it.

"Fortunately that one (gun) jammed".

"He was really amusing, and he likes to make lots of jokes", he said.

One student - who told KXLY that he is friends with the shooter - said the suspect had been handing out notes to his friends saying "he was gonna do something stupid where it might get him killed or in jail".

When Sharpe pulled out his guns in a second-floor hallway, Sam Strahan, 15, described by a parent as Sharpe's best friend, tried to convince the armed teen to stand down. He told investigators that he wanted to teach his classmates a lesson about bullying, and that he was not targeting Strahan specifically.

Should we be naming or even showing the alleged shooter's face?

Knezovich credited Strahan with saving lives. He met with his brother and Freeman staff in the hours following the shooting that took the live of one student and wounded three more.

Sharpe was seen being escorted in to a juvenile detention centre with a shaved head. Cantrell remembers when Sharpe told him about opening his dad's gun safe.

He's accused of shooting a classmate to death and wounding three others at the school Wednesday before a custodian stopped him.

The teen says the suspect was not bullied and referenced him as "nice and amusing and weird".

Around the time classes started two weeks ago, Harper said Sharpe wrote notes to his friends.

The sheriff's office said their hearts are with the community during this tragedy and thanked them for their kind words, patience, and understanding throughout the horrific incident.

  • Leroy Wright