Build that wall? Supporters question Trump's priorities

"In the meeting he said, 'That's not right'".

"We're going to keep the families together; we have to keep the families together". President Trump has given Congress six months to come up with a replacement before he slowly phases away DACA protections.

Amid allegations of U-turns on two of his major campaign pledges, there were suggestions from immigration hardliners that Mr Trump's political base could "leave him", while one high-profile supporter called for him to be impeached.

"Please plow the field that Marylanders elected you to farm, and let Congress do its job", they wrote. "I think it'll work out", said Trump.

But Breitbart was already labeling Trump "Amnesty Don".

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brett Shumate said the Department of Homeland Security was already considering an extension due to recent hurricanes, but no decisions had been made.

Those protected by the legislation are known as "DREAMers" after the Dream Act that was first introduced in 2001 but stalled in Congress for many months, leading to President Obama enacting DACA.

Part of Welch's pitch sought to appeal to the president's personality.

Later Thursday, Trump said funds for the wall will be coming at a later date. But it appears now that funding for a border wall could be a sticking point.

"The president pushed back a little bit on that". Massive border security would have to be agreed to in exchange for consent.

"Let's say they don't meet those qualifications to get a green card, then maybe we do talk about deportation because people who don't meet the qualifications to get a green card, they don't get to come to America", Yang said.

We move on here to deal or no deal. Grassley tweeted that the reported deal "undercut" his bipartisan work in the Senate Judiciary Committee. That failed to reassure immigration hawks, who say a deal that only includes border security would be a missed opportunity to force Democrats to go along with deeper immigration reforms to address the long-term consequences of DACA amnesty. Chuck Schumer of NY and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California in a statement, according to Axios.

Trump, in a series of early morning tweets, disputed the characterization of a private White House dinner on Wednesday night by his guests, Sen. Myers Florida tonight. And what you are learning, are they really close to a deal here or not?

"President Trump's tweets are not inconsistent with the agreement reached last night".

"What ever happens in the moment is good for as long as that moment lasts", he said.

  • Leroy Wright