Apple iPhone 8 Plus

The event started with a lengthy quote in Steve Jobs' voice, followed by an emotional homage from Tim Cook. "There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of him". "The ship date likely won't have a material impact on the number of units sold, but will push some unit sales into the March quarter", he said. And steal they did. There is no reason - I repeat, no reason - to ever allow graphics from videos, photos, or app interfaces to spill over onto the ears. Well, Apple hadn't been the pioneer in either of them.

Apple iPhone 8: What is it? Samsung is betting big on Note 8 to consolidate its position in the Indian premium smartphone market (Rs 30,000 and above), where it claims to have 68 per cent share (GfK data).

An optional new wireless charging mat called AirPower, coming next year, will allow users to charge an iPhone, Watch and AirPods all at the same time from the same device. The iPhone 8 Plus is pegged at Rs. 73,000 for the 64GB model and Rs. 86,000 for the 256GB variant.

Now let's move on to the main attraction: iPhone X. Unlike the other two, there's just one size, with a 5.8-inch OLED screen. In that case, it doesn't make sense buying the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus; they're pretty much the same devices, with some upgrades. Soon after the event, we got to spend some time with all the new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 3. Windows Hello on the Surface devices are known to be the best implementations of facial recognition.

Meanwhile, an all-new 12MP provides 83 per cent more light, a wider dynamic range, lower noise, optical image stabilisation (IOS) and a new colour filter, plus a new portrait mode that is created to improve the lighting on your face using a real-time algorithm.

For more specifics on pricing and availability check out Apple's website. Even Apple understands the appeal of lower-cost devices with its iPhone SE for $399.

Ahead, check out Face ID in action and explore the features that will finally be part of our everyday lives in just a few short weeks.

Still, you don't have to look far to see where successive generations might proclaim their refinements. Wireless or inductive charging uses wire coils that transfer current over a small distance - and this will not work through metal.

There's also a possibility it will feature an edge-to-edge display similar to that of its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S8, while an all-glass design could return to the mobile after a six-year absence. And now comes Apple.

The latest offerings from Apple are undoubtedly a full package. However, switching to OLEDs was essential to build a phone without any discernable bezels.

Some users may want, or need, the improved front-facing camera and reportedly improved security of Face ID that come with the iPhone X, or perhaps even the appearance of being cutting edge that it will provide. It was becoming increasingly hard for the consumer to decide which standard to invest in. What's in the box is Apple's usual power adapter. This is a mixed blessing for the industry: The manufacturers are under great pressure to offer significantly innovative features every year; on the other hand, by constantly introducing new features and software updates, the industry has successfully persuaded consumers to ditch perfectly usable products and buy new ones every two years. "The iPhone X is for the rich or only the very serious Apple fans".

  • Carolyn Briggs