Samsung wants to launch a foldable Galaxy Note phone in 2018

Samsung has got much love for curved displays, or rather foldable phones in particular.

So far, nothing has happened.

Samsung is aiming to launch a Note smartphone with a screen that folds next year, which would likely be the first available to feature such an innovation. The company's mobile head Koh Dong-Jin said while addressing media in Seoul, reports the Associated Press.

Whether this is the Galaxy Note 9 or a separate, additional release remains to be seen.

Samsung has been experimenting with the foldable display technology for quite a bit now.

Samsung had been possessed with a future foldable smartphone for years and our Patently Mobile IP blog mainly covering Microsoft, Google and Samsung patents has recorded a number of those from Samsung on foldable smartphones (one, two, three, four and more). The phones price for the 64 GB model in Korea is KRW1.09 million, while in the USA it goes for $930. The 256 GB edition of the South Korean tech giant's latest high-end smartphone is priced at 1.25 million won. It's a gamble wise not to take, given that the Note 8 has just regained its foothold following the disastrous fate of the Note 7 device. There have been no signs since of those phones actually hitting the market.

But which series - the Galaxy S or Note - will have the first foldable model was not revealed.

Samsung first showed off the potential for a foldable smartphone several years ago, according to Bloomberg.

The announcement comes just days before the recently launched Galaxy Note 8 flagship starts shipping in the United Kingdom, although which side of the Note 8 the foldable phone would sit is unclear. He also said that Samsung is working with Harman on an AI-powered speaker. Also, it is here that the Note 8 begs to differ from nearly every other smartphone available in the market, including even the iPhone X. There are also other companies who have jumped into the bendable screen bandwagon such as LG and Lenovo who have each developed their own concept bendable screens as well.

  • Carolyn Briggs