People injured in Washington school shooting

Upon entering the premises, he proceeded to take out his weapons and attempted to fire one, which jammed.

A student at a high school in rural Washington state opened fire outside a biology classroom on Wednesday, killing another student and wounding three others before being caught.

Knezovich declined to identify the suspect or discuss what may have motivated the gun violence in detail but said: "It sounds like a case of a bullying-type of situation".

Student Michael Harper says the suspect recently warned others that something bad was coming.

Knezovich said the suspect is the county's juvenile jail.

The shooter has been taken into custody, and is now in the Spokane Juvenile Detention Center, Knezovich said.

Students told the news site the shooter was a sophomore who had ridden the school bus to classes with his weapons concealed in a duffel bag.

Also on Wednesday evening the sheriff's office described the three students who were shot and wounded as seriously injured.

The Spokesman-Review reports that specialists on call were at Freeman High School in Rockford Wednesday morning. The suspect is believed to be alive and in custody, and their identity has not yet been disclosed.

A staff member was able to subdue the shooter and keep him restrained until law enforcement arrived, Knezovich said. "He was always nice and amusing and weird".

Several elected officials, from Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Governor Jay Inslee, have released statements condemning the shooting and offer condolences to the families involved.

Fox Spokane quotes a local fire chief as saying the "threat is eliminated".

The three injured are said to be in a stable condition in hospital.

It added: 'All SPS schools are in full lockdown as a precautionary measure'.

Shortly after reports of the shooting, parents began rushing to the school on South Jackson Rd.

"They did a modified lockdown drill yesterday", Annie Baxter, who has two daughters at Freeman, told the The Spokesman Review. Freeman schools are not part of that district.

KHQ reports that parents of students are being asked to assemble at the gas station close to the school.

This story has been written through with all available information.

  • Leroy Wright