Owners of Defective Nexus 6P Units Are Getting Pixel XL Replacements

After Huawei announced its launch date for its next flagship, Google has announced in a rather striking way about the launch date of the next generation Pixel smartphones - it's on October 4. Also telling is the fact that Google launched the original Pixel phones on October 4 previous year. According to the latest report from Droid life, The Google will launch the next gen Pixel devices on October 4.

The video highlights the types of questions people ask about their phones on its search engine.

The locations that Google is sending Pixel XL as replacements are yet to be verified but reports indicate that consumers in the US and Canada are only getting the Pixel smartphone. At the moment, it doesn't offer a lot of information, simply asking for your email address so you can stay updated about Google devices and services. Rumor also had it that the Google Pixel 2 will feature Active Edge, something similar to the Edge Sense feature of the HTC U11.

Like Apple, Google's adopted a fairly predictable pattern when it comes to Android releases in that the companies both like to launch new software alongside new hardware. While Google was in charge of marketing the device, it was Huawei who manufactured it.

These queries could hint at the headline new features and functionality coming to the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. It would appear that a switch has flipped at Google HQ, turning the Pixel 2 hype machine on at full tilt with videos, billboards, and web pages all confirming the same thing. This made a chaos that the devices may arrive a day earlier.

Google unveiled the Pixel & Pixel XL smartphones, and they attracted many customers and critic. The upcoming Pixel phones will also likely ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 inside with at least 4 gigs of RAM. In just a few short weeks, we could know everything there is to know about the next Pixel. While the smaller Pixel 2 will sport a 5-inch display, the XL version of the handset will have a larger, 6-inch screen.

  • Arturo Norris