North Korea to respond to Washington over new sanctions

This comes after a new round of United Nations sanctions that are expected to reduce the DPRK's oil exports by 30 percent and textile exports by 90 percent - a major blow to their economy.

Chinese bank branches near the border of North Korea have reportedly told the United Kingdom newspaper that they have been instructed not to allow opening any new accounts for that country's citizens and even for businesses.

It calls upon states to inspect ships on the high seas if there are reasonable grounds to suspect it contains prohibited items. The president has also said that he wants every country involved to step up and do more.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to take U.S. President Donald Trump to a familiar place during their expected summit in Japan in November: the golf course. In addition, it cited North Korea's collaboration with Angola, Uganda, and other African nations to train their police and military forces.

The United States is on the path of military confrontation with North Korea, a diplomat from the isolated country said Tuesday, making clear that the new U.S. -drafted U.N. sanctions that passed the Security Council would not defuse the nuclear standoff.

And that means that, if sanctions are to be the answer, the United States needs to go unilateral - and expect some wrath from China, Kim's ally and main trading partner. Almost 80% went to China.

This would hit the economy of North Korea hard, especially given most of the country's citizens live in poverty. It is not immediately known whether Trump will visit South Korea as part of the Asian tour, according to the source.

Mexico and Peru have expelled North Korean ambassadors from their countries in response to the tests.

North Korea appears to have commenced online attacks aimed at acquiring Bitcoin so it can evade sanctions.

This year's figures are a big change given most North Korean ships were found at Chinese ports in previous years, the broadcaster said, adding that the ratio of their navigation to Russian Federation relatively soared.

Traders along the border between China and North Korea said Chinese authorities had already cracked down on smuggling of products including seafood and coal after previous rounds of sanctions and now they expect the screws to be tightened further.

KAZINFORM Kazakhstan has welcomed a new resolution of the UN Security Council on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kazinform cites the Kazakh Foreign Ministry press service.

  • Leroy Wright