UK Gov't Minister Warns Of 'Chaos' If MPs Block Brexit Bill

The UK will offer to contribute military assets to European Union operations, cooperate on sanctions and agree joint positions on foreign policy as part of a deep security partnership with the European Union after Brexit, the Government will say today (Tuesday 12 September). Thus, starting the next day, the Union will have only 27 Member States.

The bold move will challenge Theresa May, who might otherwise assume that both countries would be among the first to sign trade deals with post-Brexit Britain - but the United Kingdom can not legally start negotiations until it leaves the European Union in March 2019.

In the past, the concept of a unified Europe was mostly associated with oppressive regimes like the Roman Empire.

What he said: "I have lived and worked for the European project my entire life".

He said the bloc should start free trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand and close the deals by the end of his term. European Commission President argued that recent existential threats to the European Union, posed by Brexit, the migrant crisis and the rise of populism, had receded.

Juncker also came to the defence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel whose government Erdogan accused of behaving like Nazis after German authorities blocked Turkish ruling party rallies ahead of a referendum in Turkey in April.

During his speech, Juncker said that "democracy is about compromise", and "the right compromise makes winners out of everyone".

"If we want more stability in our neighborhood, then we must maintain a credible enlargement perspective for the Western Balkans", added Juncker.

EU officials say that with Britain leaving, and the eight remaining non-euro states accounting for only 15 per cent of EU GDP, Juncker sees it as natural for EU and euro zone policy to operate in unison.

Turkey, like other accession candidates, "must give the rule of law, justice and fundamental rights utmost priority", Juncker said.

Conservative rebels were preparing to support the government on the Bill's second reading, and some Labour MPs said they would also vote in favour of it, in defiance of their party whip.

"East to west: Europe must breathe with both lungs".

Juncker took a swipe at Poland and Hungary - which have been at odds with Brussels over democratic standards - saying European Union countries should not be allowed to breach the "rule of law".

"The judgements of the court have to be respected by all".

This has been dubbed Lancaster House 2.0 by the media - in reference to a speech she made in London in January, widely regarded at the time as the government's Brexit blueprint, which confirmed the UK's intention to leave the single market and customs union.

However, the commission president said he will not accept lower quality food being sold in eastern Europe.

  • Leroy Wright