Sarah Sanders Says Clinton Book Full Of 'False And Reckless Attacks'

When America finally gets around to electing its first female president, Hillary Clinton says it won't be her.

Hillary Clinton is "convinced" that people associated with President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation to help influence the outcome of the 2016 election, the former presidential candidate said in an interview published Monday night.

But Clinton writes that her campaign had more staff and spent more on advertising in both MI and Pennsylvania, two states she lost, than President Barack Obama did when he won them in 2012.

Mrs Clinton described Trump as a "creep" in one of the chapters of her book and that he was invading her personal space during a live television debate.

She also points the finger at allies including then-president Barack Obama, former vice president Joe Biden, and her progressive rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. "That's what this investigation is to determine", she said of the Mueller probe.

Clinton, during the presidential race, repeatedly said, "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons".

"He doesn't just like Putin", Clinton wrote. "I didn't do a good job.' There would be no book", Guilfoyle observed during a discussion on "The Five" Tuesday night. He was married to Clinton's close aide Huma Abedin (she filed for divorce this past May).

A Rasmussen Reports survey showed that 61 percent of voters believe "It's time for [Clinton] to retire", compared to just 30 percent who said she still had a future in politics.

Clinton's book was analyzed far and wide on cable news on Tuesday as the former Democratic presidential nominee's "What Happened" hit bookstores.

"I think that it was a mistake because a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans", she continued.

Clinton also implied that more needs to be done to investigate election security.

"It started out just for me, just trying to come to grips with what happened", she said.

I don't know, is it any less sad to spend day in and day out voluntarily for a racist, wildly unqualified, and comically corrupt Fox News junkie with a 70-word vocabulary who defended neo-Nazis?

"I am done with being a candidate", she said in an interview on CBS's "Sunday Morning".

  • Leroy Wright