Russian senator calls decision to increase sanctions against North Korea inefficient

The security Council of the united nations adopted Monday unanimously, and at the initiative of the United States a new battery of sanctions against North Korea. The ability to hit US cities with nuclear weapons significantly increases the effectiveness of North Korea's nuclear deterrent vis-à-vis the United States. Haley continued, "We are not looking for war".

During tough negotiations, the United States dropped initial demands for a full oil embargo and a freeze on the foreign assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

China has sought to play a mediating role, backing progressively tougher sanctions like a ban on coal exports while proposing that both sides freeze hostilities and return to talks.

North Korea Tuesday condemned "vicious" new United Nations sanctions imposed over its sixth and largest nuclear test, warning it would make the USA "suffer the greatest pain" it has ever experienced.

The latest United Nations resolution calls on countries to inspect vessels at sea, with the consent of the flag state, if they have reasonable grounds to believe ships are carrying prohibited cargo to North Korea.

Textile exports - North Korea's largest economic sector that the Security Council had not previously restricted - earned North Korea an average of Dollars 760 million in the past three years. The U.S. proposed slashing projects employing North Korean workers overseas, but instead accepted sanctions aimed at gradually scaling them back. "But we also have an ability to shoot more than one interceptor", Davis said.

North Korea's state-run Korean Central News Agency accused the USA of having carried out tests of nuclear bombs and missiles while decrying similar actions by Pyongyang.

Speaking to Fox News shortly after the nuclear test, Mnuchin had said he would prepare new sanctions to cut off all North Korean trade with other countries.

She said the global community was doing that by hitting North Korea's ability to fund its weapons programme. In June, the USA designated the Bank of Dandong, a regional Chinese bank, as a "primary money laundering concern" over its alleged help to North Korea in accessing the US and worldwide financial systems.

Including the latest one, the Security Council has adopted nine rounds of resolutions imposing sanctions over Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile programs since it conducted its first nuclear test in 2006.

The measures taken by the largest Chinese banks began as early as the end of previous year, when the Dandong city branch of China's most worldwide lender, Bank of China Ltd (BoC), stopped allowing North Koreans to open individual or business accounts, said a BoC bank teller who declined to be identified.

"We are calling on all concerned parties to actively look into this initiative and join efforts with China on promoting the dialogue and consultation to facilitate the process of denuclearization, achieving peace and stability on the peninsula", Geng said. It expedited the project, however, following this summer's escalating North Korean missile tests.

The North's Foreign Ministry issued a statement early Monday saying it is watching the United States' moves closely and threatened it is "ready and willing" to respond with measures of its own.

"We don't take pleasure in further strengthening sanctions today", said Haley.

The sanctions under resolution 2375 target North Korea's textile industry, apply caps on the transfer of refined petroleum products and natural gas to the country, and blacklist three major DPRK government bodies. "We will also be undertaking prompt steps to implement the new resolution and the measures it contains".

It followed up with a sixth nuclear test on September 3, its largest to date, which it said was a miniaturised hydrogen bomb. A presidential spokesman in South Korea said he thinks it's significant that China and Russian Federation agreed on the measure.

  • Leroy Wright