Kris Kobach Faces Pushback On New Hampshire Voter Fraud Comments

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Monday compared the argument pushed by President Donald Trump and the vice chairman of his election integrity commission that there is "widespread voter fraud" in New Hampshire and other parts of the country to the Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Kris Kobach, the secretary of state in Kansas and the vice chairman of President Donald Trump's commission on electoral integrity, recently reported to Breitbart News that he finally had located the smoking gun - a real example of major voting fraud in the November 2016 election. In a column last week for Breitbart, the Kansas Secretary of State declared that voter fraud tipped the scales in the election a year ago in New Hampshire.

What Kobach didn't say in the Breitbart column is that there are other possible explanations for all the out-of-state voter IDs.

The voter registration process in the Granite State is viewed as problematic by New Hampshire Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper, who says that with his state's same-day registration - along with the fact that new residents are allowed two months to get state license - an overwhelming majority of those who registered to vote on Election day have still not officially done so yet, according to Townhall. "And it is real and valid", Gardner told Kobach as a small audience applauded Gardner's comment. "I hope we all learn from this".

The head of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law said Tuesday her group felt that was clearly the case: The presidential panel "lacked diversity, facts, or actual solutions to support our democracy and combat voting discrimination, that we know prevents racial minorities from voting", Kristen Clarke said.

The Trump voter fraud commission has one goal, and that is to make it more hard for people who are likely to support Democrats to vote. Temple applied strict scrutiny to SB 3 because plaintiffs sued under the New Hampshire Constitution, which explicitly guarantees the right to cast a ballot.

"That would be nearly as absurd as saying if you have cash in your pocket that you robbed a bank". But state law also requires that people who come to live in the state and have a vehicle register it and obtain a New Hampshire driver's license within 60 days.

But Dunlap eviscerated Kobach's claims during the commission meeting. The first meeting focused on honing the commission's mission and the issues it would tackle. We're also hearing that they are going to make this bipartisan and include Democrats. To be clear, there is no proof of widespread illegal voting or voter fraud in the 2016 election - or in any American election. It could be taking a hard look at how to encourage states to explore virtually hack-proof vote-by-mail systems like the one OR uses.

He called it "the tip of the iceberg". And, just like that, Kobach's air-tight case starts to evaporate.

Numerous presenters at the event represented organizations that claim to have documented extensive voter fraud, including the Judicial Watch Election Integrity Project, Simpatico Software Systems, the Heritage Foundation and the Crime Prevention Research Center. The panel is to issue a report on their findings in the next year.

Like the man who appointed him to the Voter Integrity Commission, Kris Kobach is a liar.

"You have Republicans generally worrying about ineligible people voting and Democrats largely thinking Republicans are just imagining might be a solution that pleases both sides", he said.

Although Trump handily won the Electoral College vote that ultimately decides the outcome of presidential elections, he lost the popular vote to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million votes. He says the commission was created to substantiate the biggest lie ever told by a sitting president and should be dismantled. The fact that Heritage thinks it would have been perfectly appropriate for the president to let a panel composed entirely of conservative Republicans dictate voting reforms illustrates how instinctively authoritarian some corners of the conservative movement have become. "This is a political strategy". This incident illustrates the danger of making specious claims based on incomplete data and poor analysis, which is exactly what the commission seeks to do nationally.

"It's a sham for starters", said Cynthia Sweeney.

  • Leroy Wright