Kim Jong-un calls North Korean N-test 'great victory'

In a separate KCNA commentary released late Saturday, the North said that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump "has not yet fully understood the meaning and stern warning" it issued via its "ICBM-ready hydrogen bomb test".

A USA official, familiar with the council negotiations and speaking on condition of anonymity, said North Korea imports some 4.5 million barrels of refined petroleum products annually and four million barrels of crude oil.

Hackers linked to North Korea are ramping up attempts to steal bitcoin in order to bring in money for Kim Jong Un's regime, a top cybersecurity firm says.

Reintroducing US tactical nukes will also strengthen Washington's commitment to South Korea's security.

Pressure on China - and Russian Federation as well - has become all the more important because the United Nations adopted a watered-down sanctions resolution against the Pyongyang regime. They were undeniably tough, but not crippling for Pyongyang.

The latest sanctions include a complete ban on the export of textiles from North Korea - an nearly one billion dollar hit to the regime's economy.

North Korea has said it will never give up its nuclear weapons unless the United States drops its "hostile" policies toward the regime.

China accounts for 90 percent of North Korea's external trade. "If North Korea continues its unsafe path, we will continue with further pressure".

The proposal included a ban on oil and textile exports to North Korea and prohibited North Korean citizens from working overseas.

North Korea's daily consumption is tiny, regardless of the difference in estimates.

"It all depends on China and Russia's willingness".

The UNSC adopted new sanctions against North Korea in NY on Monday.

The import of refined petroleum products is also limited.

United Nations member states had interdicted shipments destined for Syria believed to be from the North's state-owned arms dealer, the Korea Mining and Development Trading Corporation (KOMID), it said.

Though supporters consider it a strong text, the resolution is considerably weaker than an earlier version that sought a total oil embargo against Pyongyang and would have frozen assets of Kim Jong Un as well as national airline Air Koryo. Instead, the sanctions target other government organizations with asset freezes.

After the vote Russia's Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia explained why his country supported the resolution: "Russia does not accept the claims of DPRK to become a nuclear state and has supported all of the security council resolutions demanding an end to the nuclear missile programs of Pyongyang in the interest of de-nuclearizing the Korean peninsula". Currently, North Korea has close to 100,000 people earning wages overseas.

Although the new sanctions are the harshest yet, they could have been a lot tougher.

The DPRK is closely following the moves of the US with vigilance.

Mr. Ascione also warned that China may be "hesitant to apply such crippling pressure out of fear that a North Korean collapse would result in flows of refugees across its northeastern border and that a unified Korea would deprive it of a buffer zone and see United States troops stationed along its border".

"We don't worry very much", said another shop worker, Ri Jong Ok. A USA military presence on China's border is not something China's leaders want to see anytime soon. It also is central to his ability to hold onto power at home by presenting an image of ultimate strength and control to North Koreans, including his generals.

China and Russia-the biggest economic patrons of North Korea-both share the view that North Korea won't give up its nuclear weapons without security guarantees, and they don't see the point in fomenting a crisis on their borders that will benefit American strategic goals.

  • Leroy Wright