Hurricane Irma heads away from Cuba

"We could see millions of people without power in Florida for multiple days in some areas, maybe weeks, and so I think it's very important to set the expectations of citizens", Long told CNN's Rene Marsh at his agency's headquarters in Washington on Saturday.

Nathan Deal noted Irma's unpredictability at a news conference in Atlanta Friday after the National Hurricane Center nudged the storm's predicted track significantly westward. All mandatory evacuation orders had been lifted by Tuesday, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

Charleston Harbor: Waters in Charleston Harbor peaked at almost 10 feet high, the city's third-highest reading, topping Hurricane Matthew previous year, CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward said.

Porter, Wallace and other South Dade community leaders say that some locals have heeded Miami-Dade County's evacuation order for more than 650,000 people living mostly in the barrier islands and east of US 1 and Biscayne Boulevard. By far, the largest was vacation paradise Hilton Head Island, with 40,000 people, golf courses and resorts.

Mainland Southwest Florida will see surge anywhere from 10 to 15 feet, including the region where Kholby Martin is situated to ride out the storm. They expect traffic to pick up as the day goes on and people want to go home and check out their property.

The airport for Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has re-opened Tuesday morning after closing as Hurricane Irma pounded the state.

This morning, Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has said that the state will require the most expensive programme in USA history to recover. Hurricane Irma has claimed three lives in Florida till now, PTI reported.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday" as Irma began its assault on Florida on Sunday morning, Long called the storm a "complex event" in particular because of its movement from the southern part of the state to the north.

The evacuation of Miami-Dade County was the largest in the county's history, with an estimated 660,000 people asked to leave, Mayor Carlos Gimenez said.

So where should evacuating residents go?

But when it came to the west coast of the peninsula, the storm was not as destructive as some had originally feared, Scott said.

American Airlines and United Airlines also waived change fees for passengers impacted by Irma, the airlines said.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told a NY investor conference that the storm would ultimately boost the economy by sparking rebuilding. Floodwaters have also risen in areas as far as SC including Charleston. With forecasts Friday shifting Irma away from the state's coastline, McMaster still hadn't made a decision on whether evacuations were needed.

Maximum sustained winds stayed around 125 miles per hour, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

"We are nervous about this", she said.

Irma flooded portions of River Street in the tourist magnet city of Savannah, Georgia and forced police to temporarily shut Highway 80 leading to the barrier island community of Tybee Island. What makes the hurricane worse is that its bringing with itself winds with a hurricane force that could extend to about 70 miles from the centre and winds with tropical-storm intensity that could extend to as far as 185 miles.

Doppler radar is estimating that 5-to-8-inch rain amounts have fallen across the Jacksonville area, with locally higher amounts.

In the USA territory of Puerto Rico, more than one million people were left without power after the storm.

When Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in August of 1992, it was the most destructive, and most expensive, storm to hit the state at the time.

Additionally, the National Weather Service received a report of 106 miles per hour sustained wind sixty feet above the ground on Dunes Row at the south end of Amelia Island...further supporting the fact that wind speeds increase as you go aloft.

  • Salvatore Jensen