Aid agencies must step up 'massively' to help Rohingya Muslims

They are believed to have intensified following the recent attacks.

The Myanmar government says the death toll stands at 421, including 378 "terrorists" and 28 civilians.

"What that means is, when the security forces are trying to stabilize the region, they have succeeded to a point", he said.

Bangladesh does not want the group either, though it is providing the refugees with temporary shelter.

Zaw Htay said there had been a total of 471 Rohingya villages in three townships.

Despite facing decades of oppression, the predominantly Muslim Rohingya had largely refrained from violence.

Hundreds of people marched in India's capital on Wednesday demanding an end to violence against Rohingya in Myanmar.

The Secretary General reiterated that "the OIC joined the worldwide community in calling for the recommendations of the Rakhine State Commission to be implemented, but these are long-term goals and there is an urgent and immediate need for lifesaving intervention".

Details unfolded of Rohingya Muslims being maltreated in camps controlled by the Burmese military.

The deteriorating situation in Myanmar may get even worse if these threats by jihadist groups such as Al-Qaeda against the government are followed through.

He hoped to distribute aid to at least 2,000 of them on Wednesday.

"ARSA's actions resemble Jewish inmates at Auschwitz who rose up against the Nazis in October 1944".

Authorities have denied that the security forces, or Buddhist civilians, have been setting the fires, and have blamed the insurgents. They're exposed to numerous diseases.

George William Okoth-Obbo, assistant high commissioner for operations at the United Nations refugee agency, said: "We will all have to ramp up our response massively, from food to shelter".

It's unclear how many fighters the group now has, Neelakantan explained, adding that there was "no evidence that ARSA has any links to local or global Jihadist groups, or that their aims are aligned". But on the Rohingya issue in Myanmar, both countries expressed sympathy toward Myanmar's government in spite of the worldwide community's pressure.

They have fled to the safety of the buffer zone along the border and are now stuck.

His ministry has warned state governments that Rohingyas could be vulnerable to recruitment by terror groups.

The government says about 400 people have been killed in the fighting, the latest in the western state.

"These men are not well equipped".

"We are committed to a sustainable solution that will lead to peace, stability and development for all communities within the state", she said then.

  • Joanne Flowers