Irma storm: 3,3 million people left without power supply in Florida, USA

Hurricane Irma weakened from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm on Monday morning, but it's still producing heavy wind gusts and rainfall, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said in an 8 a.m. Monday update.

We are patrolling and we will not tolerate criminal activities while our community recovers from Hurricane Irma, ' the body said on social networks.

The hurricane triggered mass evacuations of historic proportions, with more than 6 million people asked to flee in Florida and neighboring states.

In Riviera Beach, on Florida's east coast, winds partially ripped roofs off two apartment buildings, forcing rescuers to evacuate about 50 people from the complex, according to CNN. State media reported that people took shelter in tunnels, caves and official emergency shelters.

The storm gradually lost strength, weakening to a tropical storm on Monday morning as it moved towards southern Georgia, the National Hurricane Center said.

A flash flood warning is in effect along the southern coast of SC, where more than 40,000 were ordered to evacuate barrier islands. It affected all 35 counties in the utility's territory which is most of the state's Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast south of Tampa. The previous flood record was 4 feet. Wind gusts caused a litany of destruction in Miami and other cities where homes were destroyed.

The storm was moving west at 12 miles per hour with winds of 100 miles per hour.

Journalists covering the storm shared images and video that showed the power of these winds. Fortunately, we got the $15 billion passed, but that's only going to last a few weeks now.

A flash flood emergency was also issued for Charleston County in SC, which includes the city of Charleston, as the storm surge caused extensive flooding there.

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