Did Trump Hurricane Czar Just Admit the Administration Believes in Climate Change?

Hurricane Harvey is an unnatural disaster.

In 2012, Trump referred to climate change as a "myth" propagated by the Chinese, and campaigned for President on withdrawing from the Paris Accords, a pledge he followed through on in June, when he announced that the U.S.

Estimates are inexact at best, but based on traffic volume along major roads at least a million people left Florida before Irma hit on Sunday, most via I-75 into Georgia.

"These are storms of catastrophic severity", he said Monday.

AccuWeather founder Dr. Joel Myers detailed the historic impact of the hurricanes, which are reportedly the first pair of Category 4 or higher storms to strike the USA mainland in the same season. A third hurricane, Katia, is located off Mexico's coast.

The 2005 season lasted 213 days, from the first advisory issued for Tropical Depression One on June 8, 2005 to the final advisory issued for Tropical Storm Zeta on January 6, 2006. Higher sea levels can also be attributed to humans and global warming.

Is it because of climate change?

This week, it's Irma, already described as the biggest hurricane in recent memory in the Atlantic.

"Knowing these two things, it's safe to say that hurricanes affecting low-elevation islands will therefore cause greater damage, even if they have the same features as today's do", said Vautard.

Typical GOP. Only when they are suddenly faced with the costs of the damage from climate change-driven flooding are they finally going to maybe think about bringing up admitting that it's a problem. Now, the Atlantic goes through normal cycles of warming and cooling that have nothing to do with climate change, such as in response to the El Nino and La Nina weather cycles.

Because of the hurricane, many oil refineries were temporarily forced to either cut down on output or shut down entirely, including those in Arizona. This is not to say that we should expect more hurricanes, or that more of them will make landfall. Either way, a large swath of damage is in the immediate future for southern Florida. Another Katrina, Harvey or Irma won't happen again for 1,000 years. And the warmth in the western Atlantic Ocean is one factor that has allowed Irma to become an intense category 5 hurricane of nearly unequaled magnitude.

  • Salvatore Jensen