Apple Announces The Apple Watch Series 3 With Cellular Connectivity And More

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be the same size as the Series 2. We'll have plenty more from Apple's 2017 keynote, so keep it right here at SlashGear for coverage of all the big announcements! The rectangular form features interchangeable straps, which are all compatible with both models, a digital crown on the right-hand side, another button on the left and a heart rate sensor underneath the face. He further claimed that Apple Watch is now the number one smartwatch in the world.

It looks like its predecessor but now comes with built-in cellular.

The watch's antenna is built into the screen, and it uses a smaller electronic SIM card rather than a standard SIM. The cellular variant is restricted to 9 countries and 14 carriers for now while the non-cellular version will become available in 26 countries.

Series 3 will have a new gold aluminum finish, with silver and space gray, along with a sport loop band.

Apple continues to push the bar with their Apple Watches. Apple introduced the W1 past year in its Earpods and other headphones from Beats, and was a huge improvement over Bluetooth in other devices, the W2 might double down on those advances.

Apple is one of a few companies still producing smartwatches with a non-circular display these days, with other manufacturers looking to ape more traditional timepiece designs. The addition of Global Positioning System (GPS) and waterproof capabilities introduced with last year's Apple Watch Series 2 has the company on track to boost sales almost 25% this year. This is the upgrade over the Apple watch 2. It also uses the new W2 chip for wireless, which Apple uses to keep connection good and battery usage low, plus an altimeter for the snowboarders and skydivers out there. You can use your Apple Watch without having your iPhone anywhere closeby.

Apple says its Watch will cost from $399 but the celluar model will only be compatible with EE in the UK. On the wearables front, the company unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3.

Battery life is 18 hours. This means you can receive calls even if you left your phone at home.

Central to the new Apple Watch Series 3 features will be improved health and fitness tracking, with auto-sets for swimming workouts, improved heart rate algorithms for HIIT workouts, and the ability to pair the fitness app Gymkit with a specific fitness equipment central to this functionality. From simpler tasks to many complex ones, the Apple Watch has aided.

  • Carolyn Briggs