Putin says solving North Korea crisis without diplomatic tools is 'impossible'

"I and President Putin also agreed that the missile development pursued by North Korea is a wrong path and it is an urgent task to ease tension on the Korean peninsula", he told reporters after the talks.

The upcoming summit in the Russian Far East port city, to be held on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, will be the third this year and 19th overall between the two leaders, according to Japanese officials.

More than 30 people were hurt when about 8,000 police broke up a blockade near the site by about 300 villagers and members of civic groups opposed to the THAAD deployment, fire service officials said.

The system, made by Lockheed Martin Corp., is created to destroy short-and-medium-range ballistic missiles at high altitudes in their "terminal" phase, as they descend.

"This [Russia's] plan is very advantageous from different perspectives - from geo-economical point of view as well as geopolitical point of view".

The bomb is said to be the most powerful North Korea has ever tested, some three times more powerful than the United States atomic bomb that destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945.

"Japan will take the lead to strengthen pressure on North Korea with the worldwide community", Abe told a meeting of his Liberal Democratic Party on Tuesday.

Jung said the time has arrived for Seoul to consider an "all-out" change to its North Korea policy.

The expert believes the initiative is a long-term plan that can not be realized in the short-term. "We all know how this happened and people in North Korea remember well what happened in Iraq".

"We can solve this problem through diplomatic means", the Russian president said.

A statement from China's Foreign Ministry said Xi told Trump that Beijing was "unswervingly" working to achieve denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

"The best option to stop North Korea's nuclear weapons program are political talks".

The EEF is an annual regional economic summit hosted by Russian Federation, aimed at promoting regional cooperation in developing Russia's Far East.

South Korea had said already that Pyongyang may be gearing up for another rocket test in the aftermath of its nuclear detonation on Sunday, as it seeks to improve the capacity of its intercontinental ballistic missile program. The countries have suggested that the United States and South Korea halt all major war games in exchange for North Korea halting its testing programme.

"I ask Russian Federation to actively cooperate as this time it is inevitable that North Korea's oil supply should be cut at the least", Moon told Putin, according to a readout from a South Korean official.

The activist said President Moon rejected all of his promises, which he had made on his campaign trail, as worthless, criticizing that Moon betrayed his supporters by deploying the THAAD, one of the most serious "evil acts" committed under the previous government.

Putin has been noticeably more vocal on this issue since Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test on September 3, emerging as a leading voice in favour of a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

China agreed on Thursday that the United Nations should take more action against North Korea after its latest nuclear test, while also pushing for dialogue to help resolve the stand-off.

"Why has North Korea chosen this path today which has anxious people in East Asia?"

Putin's core point is that the central strategy of USA policy under Trump, Obama, and Bush - attempting to pressure North Korea into giving up its nuclear program - has now conclusively failed.

However, the United States expert added that the Russian initiative would appear more promising if it leads to North Korea reducing its truculence and showing willingness to freeze and end its nuclear weapons development.

  • Leroy Wright