Airlines Sell $99 Flights Out of Florida as Hurricane Irma Closes In

September 07-In preparation for Hurricane Irma's arrival in Florida, Delta Air Lines is canceling its flights in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach for Saturday. At least 40 airlines conduct commercial flights at Orlando International, including Southwest, Delta and American Airlines. Kaplan, who is a Florida native himself, says the prices are due to website algorithms that automatically adjust fares in real time.

"Unfortunately, the passengers were kind of misled to believe that we were just going to temporarily get off of our flight and then get back on the plane, and that's not the case at all because here we are at baggage claim looking for our bags now", she said.

It was unclear when operations might resume at Florida's affected airports The restart will depend exactly on just how much damage Irma brings to the region. Additionally, the airline is providing more flights and increasing the size of the aircraft it is sending.

Frontier Airlines: Operating Saturday morning flights, including a 10:55 a.m. departure to Cleveland. SAVE, +2.41% at 102 and American Airlines Group Inc.

"Hundreds of Spirit Team Members left their homes in Florida behind to help make sure that the remaining Spirit flights not impacted by the storm could keep flying and we could recover operations as soon as possible", the airline said in a Facebook post.

Delta Air Lines had seats on "very few flights" in South Florida but more at airports farther north including central Florida, said spokesman Anthony Black.

Delta is a one of the few remaining US airlines that has meteorologists on staff, creating forecasts for its operations and assisting dispatchers, pilots and ground crew. While on the phone with Lopinto, he looked up the same Miami to Denver flight that was found earlier at a price of $6,785. "Flights to Denver were all over $1,000", Cheng said. "We'd been trying for over a week, and we couldn't get any flights to anywhere".

Scott also offered police escorts for gas station employees to ensure they're able to get out safely before the storm hits. "Everything went insane yesterday". But it added 16 last-minute flights to fly a total of 3,600 people out of Miami.

Several major airlines have hubs or "focus cities" in Florida.

Delta: Its last operation will be the 2:44 p.m. Saturday flight to Cincinnati.

Many said that even when trying to buy the cheaper tickets, the seat is gone by the time their information is entered.

"It is scary", Comer said. But ultimately, they might come out better in the long run because they respond with humanity, forming a formidable relationship with individuals who later can go on to become loyal and buy again.

  • Leroy Wright