Airlines cancel Monday flights out of Tallahassee International Airport

People looking to head home or simply escape Florida before Irma's arrival have also reportedly been running into another issue: price gouging. Airlines began making modifications and cancellations to flights earlier this week while travelers fear price spikes. Hotel rooms in northern Florida were reportedly booking up quickly, and some gas stations ran out of fuel. "Every Florida family must prepare to evacuate, regardless of the coast you live on", he said. "This is an evolving storm and we will work to share information as soon as it becomes available".

Twelve of those flights are heading to Dallas/Fort Worth, three are going to NY and one is flying to Philadelphia.

"The Miami International Airport terminal remains open, and will only close if severe damage or safety concerns from Hurricane Irma result in stranded passengers and non-essential airport employees being evacuated to nearby shelters after the storm", he said. Typically, about a third of passengers leaving Albany are en route to Florida. Another user tweeted a screenshot of a United flight out of Miami selling for $6700. More cancellations are expected Saturday and Sunday.

A United Airlines spokesperson told Associated Press the airline is sold out of tickets in Florida through Friday, adding six flights. JetBlue, American Airlines, and Delta have all announced capped prices, with JetBlue dropping rates down to $99 on some flights. Four departing flights are canceled. American Airlines is reportedly capping its departure tickets at $99 from September 10 until September 13.

Airlines were besieged by negative comments on social media, only reinforcing the public's deep antipathy for the airline industry. "It was a two-hour delay out of there". "So happy I finally got on a plane I wasn't going to celebrate until it lifted off and when it did I said all the way here I said thank you God". "I was expecting to pay $700, not $1,725".

"Each airline decides when they want to cease service", Piccolo said. They use algorithms to adjust prices constantly based on supply and demand.

Major airlines have vowed to cap ticket prices for people traveling to and from those areas. American said it will stop operations in Orlando on Saturday afternoon.

Two Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Richard Blumenthal of CT and Edward Markey of MA, asked for a federal investigation. He said it took him three flights and 36 sleepless hours to get out of harm's way.

  • Zachary Reyes