Trump sees 'lot of love' in Texas flood shelter

The city of Houston on Saturday witnessed two milestones on its road to recovery from Hurricane Harvey: a visit from the president of the United States and the return of baseball a week after deadly floodwaters engulfed the metropolis.

Voices of praise rose up from churches around the Houston area Sunday. About 4,700 dwellings are in the area affected by Turner's evacuation order, but hundreds have refused to leave.

His successor, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Paxton's counterparts in nine other states have vowed to file a lawsuit to end the program if Trump doesn't take action by Tuesday.

Earlier, he toured storm-damaged areas of Houston and spoke with people who were forced into emergency shelters after being displaced from their homes.

Crews with Center Point Energy checked homes in the zone that Mayor Sylvester Turner ordered evacuated where about 300 residents still remain.

The disaster itself has forced gas suppliers and water pumps to temporarily shutdown. Beaumont, a city of roughly 120,000 residents, is still without clean water or power, according to a CNN report.

"Be patient with us".

Trump, who declared Sunday a national day of prayer, also went to a church in nearby Pearland, where he and his wife helped load half a dozen cars with boxes of supplies for victims.

Abbott said the EPA had been "very aggressive" in monitoring Superfund sites - toxic areas in need of federal cleanup - that were deluged in what was the heaviest rainfall event recorded in the US.

Watt says he hasn't yet decided how the money will be used, but did say he's going to take his time to make sure it is spent wisely. "I cannot thank everybody enough for sharing and donating and doing whatever you possibly can to help this cause".

"It was an honor to meet him", said Ben Husser, a Cajun Navy member. This time he kissed children, shook hands, snapped selfies, passed out meals, and talked to people who had been directly affected by the storm. "It means a lot".

Trump met with three relief groups the American Red Cross, Southern Baptist Relief and Salvation Army - in the Oval Office last Friday.

Trump has asked lawmakers for a $7.9 billion down payment toward Harvey relief and recovery efforts - a request expected to be swiftly approved by Congress, which returns to work Tuesday after its summer break.

"The water's disappearing", Trump said. He alone has raised more than 17 million dollars for Harvey victims.

The trip is his second to Texas since the hurricane ripped through the southeastern Gulf Coast.

On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the southern coast of Texas. It's been an incredible five days, six days.

More than 72,000 people have been rescued. "It's like a huge lake sliding across the county", he said.

While water is receding in many areas, it still was waist-deep Saturday in western Houston's Barker Cypress area.

For Elaine Ybarra, who was holding her 10-year-old son, the president's visit was a humbling experience.

In the aftermath of Harvey, many eager to help victims drove truckloads of food and supplies only to be turned away by authorities because the items had to be processed. He said he knows what it's like to be flooded out of a home.

The Houston Independent School District is scrambling to recover from the storm. ConocoPhillips closed its Houston headquarters through September 11.

A city that lost its drinking water system is struggling to restore service and a crippled chemical plant that twice has been the scene of explosions remains a concern nine days after Harvey ripped across Texas. "We signed it, hopefully quick process", he said. "To relax and feel better, so much better".

  • Leroy Wright