Oregon Wildfire Continues to Grow

The Eagle Creek Fire is now burning on both sides of the Columbia River Gorge in Washington and Oregon.

But Gov. Brown argued federal officials should be directing more resources to OR, because of the disproportionate degree of fire danger in the state.

Since it began over the weekend, the Eagle Creek Fire has merged with a second blaze, called the Indian Creek Fire. People at the White River Campground are being encouraged to leave. They believe he and others may have started the fire by playing with fireworks near the Eagle Creek trailhead. No arrests have been made and the boy and his parents are cooperating with authorities.

Ash fell like snow in Seattle and other areas in Western Washington Tuesday morning as wildfires sent plumes of smoke into the atmosphere.

"If it jumps the road, you'd be driving through a wall of flame", he said.

People in OR covered their faces with scarves to keep choking ash from wildfires from filling their lungs and wiped the soot from windshields.

She told them what she'd seen, and they told her they'd also seen a group of teenagers lighting fireworks. In a separate incident fast-moving wildfire in northern Utah dragged down a Canyon demolishing propelling clearing and closing highways.

Tthe National Weather Service says to expect even more rapid westward movement overnight due to strong east winds.

Fitzgerald said she was flabbergasted at how quickly the fire grew.

Giant sequoias are resilient and can withstand low-intensity fires.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), military personnel mobilized to serve as firefighters to assist with wildfire suppression efforts.

Evacuation orders remained in place in and around Cascade Locks, Oregon, for dozens of structures and businesses. The fire burned 14 square miles in the community of Helena about 150 miles south of Oregon. "We have resources that are assigned to about 10 states".

The growth of the fire, which blew up Saturday and trapped 150 hikers for a time, led to the closure of I-84, the major east-west thoroughfare through the Columbia River Gorge, initially from four miles east of Multnomah Falls to two miles west of Hood River (Exit 35 to 62).

Helicopters were able to perform water drops on the western flank of the fire, helping to slow further spread.

The National Park Service says the northeast portion of the park was closed on Tuesday afternoon.

The Southwest Clean Air Agency recommends that people stay indoors as much as possible, especially smog-sensitive people, and those sensitive to wildfire smoke.

  • Leroy Wright