Putin warns crisis with North Korea 'may become a global catastrophe'

In a joint press conference following their bilateral talks here, the two leaders underscored the urgency of the North Korean nuclear issue and the importance of resolving it at the earliest date possible.

Moon said that North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons is the "wrong way" and asked for Putin's help to "tame" the totalitarian state.

He also said it was "ridiculous" that the United States first slapped Russian Federation with sanctions carried in the same bill that penalised North Korea, and "then asked us to help impose sanctions on North Korea".

"We reserve the right to take a decision on the number of United States diplomats in Moscow".

China and Russian Federation have advocated a "freeze for freeze" plan, where the United States and Seoul stop major military drills in exchange for North Korea halting its weapons programmes, but neither side is willing to budge. "Despite the Kremlin spokesman telling Sputnik that today's meeting wasn't related to additional negotiations in relation to the situation on North Korea, Putin's aide said that Moscow and Seoul have reached a broader consensus on the issue".

South Korean President Moon Jae-in (L) speaks in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the outcome of their bilateral summit held in Vladivostok, Russia on September 6, 2017.

Before the summit, Moon expressed a hope of winning Putin's support to end Kim's nuclear brinkmanship, warning that the situation could become "uncontrollable" if they fail to act now.

Within hours of North Korea conducting its sixth and largest underground nuclear test on Sunday, the Japanese government called on the worldwide community to step up the sanctions against Pyongyang, including the introduction of a ban on oil and other fuel products.

"Our governments are saying to Guinea-Bissau, to Malaysia, to China that they need to tighten their sanctions enforcement", said a NATO diplomat involved in discussions about how to resolve the North Korea crisis. "They would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear program", he said.

Weapons experts say it's nearly impossible to verify if the warhead and missile could be successfully paired unless North Korea were to fire a nuclear-tipped ICBM.

"War is never something the United States wants", Haley said.

North Korea claims it now has the capability of mounting a thermonuclear weapon on a long-range missile capable of striking the United States.

Such a ban would potentially halt North Korea's tanks and other military vehicles and ground its air force.

There are some matching points [in Russian, South Korean stances on North Korea].

Late Monday, the White House confirmed that US President Donald Trump telephoned with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae In, giving his in-principle approval to Seoul's plan to lift restrictions on the country's missile payload capabilities.

This year, the forum will be held for two days beginning Wednesday.

  • Leroy Wright