Kenya Presidential Election Annulled, Supreme Court Orders Rerun Within 60 Days

Kenyan opposition supporters celebrate the Supreme Court ruling.

Kenya's electoral commission, IEBC, had declared Mr Kenyatta the victor by a margin of 1.4 million votes.

The courtry will hold another presidential election after the previous poll was declared invalid by the supreme court. Odinga claimed that the electronic voting results were hacked into and manipulated in favour of Kenyatta.

"The Supreme court can not determine who rules this country, we will have no grand coalition and the election will be conducted by IEBC, we will not have the Opposition playing around with us over disbandment of IEBC", a tough speaking DP Ruto said.

Deputy Finance Minister, Kweku Kwarteng says Kenya's Raila Odinga-led opposition party should not be too excited about a court ruling ordering the re-run of the presidential elections held in August. It sets a precedent that peace can prevail through legal means following a contentious election. "It can't go on like this", said Kenyatta.

He continued: "The Supreme Court sat and decided that they are the ones with a bigger power than the 15 million Kenyans who woke up, queued in lines, and voted for their preferred presidential candidate".

He said: 'The court has made its decision.

But an enraged Kenyatta, while saying he would respect the decision, lashed out at the judges, saying: "Every time we do something a judge comes out and places an injunction".

"We are ready for elections but we don't have confidence" in the electoral commission (IEBC), he added. They have committed criminal acts.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

"The robes they wear make them think that they are superior to the rest of us Kenyans", said Kenyatta.

"Elections are not flawless by their nature". "Maraga thinks he can overturn the will of the people. And as I have said before, the Opposition are not interested in the election but a back door route for a nusu mkate (coalition) government", Uhuru said.

But even electoral commission chairman Wafula Chebukati didn't rule it out.

He also called for the prosecution of electoral officials whom he did not trust to conduct a new election.

Kenyatta had won a second term with 54% of the vote.

"This has shown all (election) observers did not do their job. So, I think either way, to me I think that was the best ruling", said Manyora.

After the ruling, Kenya's stock market briefly stopped trading after blue chip shares fell by the 10 percent limit.

It said these issues would be elaborated on in the detailed judgment of the court, which is to be published within 21 days.

  • Leroy Wright