Conor McGregor Admits He Was Wrong About Floyd Mayweather

While the couple, who share a three-month-old son, has not yet gotten married, a report by The Mirror on August 29 revealed that McGregor and Devlin had been together for nine years.

Everybody wants in on the Conor McGregor madness, even Olympic legend Michael Phelps. It sells fights, it sells the Conor McGregor brand, and it attracts people to the sport.

The sisters also shared their own family photos on Instagram and proclaimed their allegiance to Team McGregor.

It was a highly promoted showdown, in case you're not aware, with Mayweather Jr. making something like a guaranteed $200 million and McGregor around $100 million.

"I would have liked the ref to let me keep going".

"First of all, she's got to stop throwing me around the ring, I didn't like that very much".

The Pay-Per-View mega-fight was broadcast internationally and took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, all the way in the United Kingdom fans were able to watch it in the movie theaters live.

"Byrd did an excellent job by stopping the fight when he did, as I'm certain the ringside physician and all members of the Association of Ringside Physicians would agree". Without your support we as fighters are nothing so I thank you all!

"I faced him at 170 (77kg), he beat me, I rematched him at 170, I beat him". Instead, the two traded barbs after Diaz took the ex-fighter to task over his prediction that McGregor would win multiple rounds against Mayweather and go the distance, two things he failed to do.

That early stoppage makes sense now, although McGregor was done anyway. "Let the man put me down". The boxer came out of retirement to fight the in the latest bout. "His experience, his patience and his endurance won him this fight hands down", he wrote. An intelligent strategy which ultimately won him the match in the 10 round.

But, as Floyd Mayweather has proven fifty times in his career, it's hard to knock down the greatest defensive boxer who has ever lived. For ten years he ruled both the WEC and UFC's featherweight divisions, defeating each and every comer through a combination of world-class muay-thai and a legendary fight IQ. "It's OK. I don't care about that.' His wife kept hitting him and saying, 'You should have just left it'". Boxing is no longer what it once was, and it is rare that I sit down to watch a match.

UFC president Dana White claimed in the build-up that the fight was tracking to break the all-time pay-per-view record, hitting almost five millions buys in the US.

"We broke all the pay-per-view records", he said at the post-fight press conference.

Furthermore, with Mayweather set to retire from boxing, McGregor will fancy securing top spot soon enough, given his high profile in the UFC circuit and the possibility of him stepping back into the boxing ring.

  • Julie Sanders