Florida's Largest 'Trump Republican Club' Breaks Away from Republican Party of Florida

The Republican Party's leaders in the United States House of Representatives have been hard at work for more than a year designing a major reform of personal and corporate taxes. And looking at a poll like this, you have to wonder how Trump might be doing as president if he just set aside the constant provocation and controversy-stoking.

RealClearPolitics, after aggregating the last 11 national surveys released between August 8 and August 30, found that Trump had an average approval rating of 38.5 percent and an average disapproval rating of 57 percent.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn have yet to hash out details of a tax reform plan with congressional Republican leaders, but the president said it should include tax relief for middle-class families, simplification of tax forms, elimination of "special interest loopholes" and a cut in the business tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent.

Voters polled believe Trump dislikes the media more than white supremacists by a 70 percent to 13 percent margin. "He's let me down", said one Trump voter during the focus group, per Politico. 19 percent of respondents said that both sides or neither side shared equal responsibility while 10 percent were unsure.

Men are more likely than women to think most Republican senators agree with Trump, but they also are more supportive of the president's criticism of the senators in his own party.

But the parties are nearly equal when it comes to voters believing that tax reform will happen - 76 percent of Republicans and 79 percent of Democrats say it is unlikely Congress will pass tax reform. "His learning curve has been a little disappointing, meaning he hasn't caught on like everyone has said here, 'If he did this, he'd be OK, '" voiced another Pittsburgh resident who supporter the president during the election.

Those who disapprove of Trump cite several concerns about him: 32% point to his personality, including his temperament; 25% mention his policies, particularly foreign policy and its impact on US standing in the world; and 19% fault his intelligence or competence. Trump has described "Fox & Friends", a morning show on Fox News, as the most "fair" news program. Results also show that dissatisfaction with the current administration increased by 11 percentage points, pushing it to 64 percent. Trump's poll numbers on how he's handlingrace relations are low; just 33 percent of respondents approve of Trump's conduct on that issue, while 61 percent disapprove. The survey did not break down approval rating by political party. From Aug. 13-21, 9% cite this concern, compared with 2% in earlier polling. Just a few days later, however, he celebrated Trump's ill-advised decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan by applauding him for "showing the will to stand up to Radical Islam. unlike President Obama." Sen. Trump's use of Twitter tops the list of concerns among people who approve of him at 17%. Majorities say they are not too or not at all confident in Trump's handling of these two issues.

I believe that the Democratic Party has unwittingly endangered itself with the constant repetition of their victimization narrative.

Partisans divided on Trump's handling of Russian Federation.

- 42 percent of voters think Trump isn't tough enough on North Korea.

  • Leroy Wright