Rawlings: Dallas preparing for 'thousands upon thousands upon thousands' of evacuees

She and her family chose not to sleep in the dormitory area. Water would rise 7 feet inside her house.

"If all of [the evacuees] showed up right now, we'd have the resources there to handle it", said Krystal Smith, regional digital communications specialist for the Red Cross in Dallas. She told reporters, "I'm just glad it's over - glad we're here".

But even as 9,000 evacuees huddled at Houston's own convention center, exceeding its capacity by almost double, only a couple hundred people had trickled into the Dallas shelter by Tuesday evening, according to local reports.

The state has said approximately 250 buses are ready to transport evacuees from disaster areas to Dallas and other cities where shelters have been arranged, but because the roadways are flooded, it's not safe to travel yet, Rawlings said.

The Houston Chronicle has reported that the officer, 60, was heading to work Sunday when he became trapped in high water on Interstate 45 in north Harris County and then couldn't get himself out of his vehicle.

Thousands of people in Houston are homeless now, all their possession claimed by the floods. Further, it permits officers to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they stop - even, in some cases, the victims and witnesses to a crime, according to NBC News. At this point it's too early to say how long the facility will be used in that capacity.

MILES O'BRIEN: Give us your impressions of what is going on there. "We have no choice", said Darian Ward, a spokeswoman for Mayor Turner.

"This is a awful catastrophe", Rawlings said.

Numerous evacuees filling the center carry all their dry possessions with them. It'll be better when they can get up here, and there'll be more space and we can help them. But she couldn't reach her family by cellphone and had no confirmation they were there. Dugar had to be rescued by boat from her home and yard which were competently submerged. "And they still not", she said. "That's why I'm not crying".

Some smaller shelters grew overcrowded and undersupplied because so many people had to be rescued. There are between 500 and 600 evacuees in Austin shelters at the moment but that's about to change. We was in waist high water. My house was flooded out and we lost everything.

Oscar Santos, 54, left his apartment near Buffalo Bayou without knowing what condition he'd find it on his return. There's a bunch of people just peeing on the floor. The last time she talked to her Uncle Jon, the hurricane was bearing down, and he had told her that the wind was stripping away the doors and windows of the mobile home where she homeschooled her sons, Connor, nine, and Bobby Lewis, 11. He immediately knew trouble approached. "I've been up since 4 this morning, anxious about family and friends out there", Poullard said.

GREENE: Toni Valero (ph) also wants to leave the convention center, but she doesn't know where else she would go.

There, on Sunday evening, thousands registered and filed in to wait in line for dry clothes, towels, and food.

About 75 people were waiting with dogs and cats outside the centre, from which pets are banned, to have them taken to an animal shelter.

Officials opened two more "mega" centers late Tuesday at the Toyota Center, home of the National Basketball Association's Houston Rockets, and NRG Park, part of the complex that hosted the 2017 Super Bowl.

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