Flooding Forces Port Arthur Shelter to Evacuate

There were more than 50 failures of the levees and flood walls protecting New Orleans, resulting in flooding that impacted 80 percent of the city. Among the dead are a Houston man who was electrocuted while walking in floodwaters and a mother whose body was floating about a half mile from her auto. The girl was in stable condition with hypothermia. The child was rescued clinging to her dead mother, authorities said.

Shelters across the state filled with people who were desperately waiting to hear some news from close ones stuck in the floodwaters and also about their own homes, according to the publication.

Then the water started entering the shelter.

Police made an appeal for volunteers to bring boats and help.

Jefferson County Commisioner and Port Arthur representative Michael Sinegal told KFDM that with so many residents in need of rescue and an overloaded emergency responders that residents were entering "survival mode".

CNN reports that company officials Wednesday opted to temporarily cease operations as Harvey continues to batter coastal regions.

"We are dealing with a state that has already had a lot of rain this summer, so we are very aware and conscious of the potential for flooding", said Col. Ed Bush, a public affairs officer for the Louisiana National Guard.

In early August, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a warning that the failed levee "could compromise a portion of Jefferson County south of Beaumont - mainly Port Arthur and its surrounding refineries - if a tropical storm or hurricane hit the area".

Still, the reprieve from the rain in Houston was welcome.

"It's been hard, but the people are nice and they're grateful", Foster said, adding that volunteers have traveled from as far away as Colorado. Rescuers found her daughter clinging to her body. Most of the gray brick structure is one story, although staff took residents to a small second-story area as the water on the ground floor rose to thigh level. Emergency workers kept rescuing people as floodwaters kept rising.

One of those stranded is Anike Allen.

By Wednesday morning, several areas of the refinery were flooded, they said.

While her home is not completely flooded, she's not sure if there's a way out of her neighborhood. The company that operates the plant said a return to service is "contingent upon recession of flood waters in the area". PHOTOS: Historic flooding devastates the Houston areaAbout 30 patients have been estimated to have been rescued so far.

Three to six inches of rainfall are expected from Southwest Louisiana to Kentucky through Friday alone.

Unfortunately, the water isn't the only threat to people in Houston. In some places, water was 5 feet (1.5 m) deep in the refinery, the sources said. The process is complete, aside from them rebuilding their lives.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said no toxins were released and that there's no danger to the community. "Some sunshine. I'm exhausted of the darkness", Rideaux said.

  • Leroy Wright