Cavs Plan to Seek More Compensation From Celtics In Kyrie Irving Trade

This summer, Ainge has nearly turned over a Celtics team that made it to the Eastern Confernece Finals. Thomas indicated the guard was hurt and blindsided by the trade. Kyrie is still young, hungry and seeking to leave his mark on the National Basketball Association as the best player of his generation.

The speculation is that if this were to happen, the Cavs would want another of Boston's draft picks in place of Thomas. Once the news came out that he was traded, all was assumed that the trade was done. Instead Brown and/or the Lakers' pick is more likely.

The Celtics also surrendered centre Ante Zizic and the rights to the Brooklyn Nets' 2018 first-round draft pick.

It could have been all of these factors that influenced Irving's decision to be traded out of Cleveland. Either Thomas' hip is worse than anyone anticipated, or someone in this equation is lying. He's also in the a year ago of his contract, and has not been shy about expecting a "Brinks truck" contract when he hits free agency.

There is an argument that Kyrie Irving is better than Isaiah Thomas. "Walking away from it is a lose-lose for both teams". The Clippers 2019 or 2020 first rounder (lottery protected)? Boston will not even offer another first-round pick unless it years in the future. Boston shut Thomas down before the end of the series, ending his season early. "You do pay a heavy price for a player of that age and that caliber".

Cleveland sheds a disgruntled superstar who wanted out. They could either use the asset to bolster their roster this season, or they could keep the pick in case that LeBron James leaves town again.

There's no guarantee the Irving deal gets voided.

A number of people have been advocating for Tatum to be included but I do not see him being added.

For the deal to pass, Cleveland must clear Thomas in his physical.

What we know for sure is that it will be interesting to see the whole situation play out, and especially interesting to see these two teams play against each other October 17 on opening night. Both sides have reportedly resumed talks on how to move past this latest development with Thomas, knowing the fallout from this deal not getting done will be significant for both teams.

  • Leroy Wright