Trump sets realistic Afghanistan strategy

"We can no longer be silent about Pakistan's safe havens for terrorist organizations", said Trump. "If Pakistan does not stop aiding terrorists with American blood on their hands we must cut all aid to Islamabad, revoke their privileged status as a major non-NATO ally, and designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism", Congressman Ted Poe said.

It was said that Pakistan's indiscriminate action against all terrorist groups was proven by the improved security environment in the country. "India shares these concerns and objectives". He urged India to help US more in Afghanistan with all the billions dollars it makes in the trade with it.

The best case scenario for peace in Afghanistan is the withdrawal of USA forces from the country and multilateral negotiations between main stakeholders - Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and China - to establish a consensus government, Pakistani opposition politician Imran Khan says.

This speech of the former First Lady of the United States is an open and honest admission of USA's meddling in Afghanistan.

She was responding to questions on why the US President think drawing closer to India will prompt the Pakistanis to play a constructive role rather than becoming defensive and playing more into a strategy of giving harbour to extremists. There are 16,000 Afghanistan students studying in India.

A separate NYT opinion article observed that President Trump's invitation to India "to help us more with Afghanistan" would certain to bring an adverse reaction from Pakistan and would enrage its military.

What remains to be seen is how much further India will go in helping Afghanistan to step up its soft power diplomacy on display for the last decade and half. "To scapegoat Pakistan will not help in stabilizing Afghanistan".

"The Taliban is often embedded in the community, but nobody likes the Islamic State, so they are often separate", Lindsey said.

"The foreign secretary assured that Pakistan is China's iron brother and it will not change its policy towards China", she added.

There, Trump's plans sound a lot like those of his predecessors: demand better performance from the Afghan government; pressure Pakistan to end its support for the Taliban and other terrorists; support eventual negotiations on a political settlement.

"We also recognise the sacrifices that Pakistan has made".

However, Pakistan has said the blistering criticism by President Trump was "disappointing" and denied accusations that it supported terror groups.

"That will have to change and that will change immediately". Trump's embrace of India is already turning off Pakistani officials who accuse India of funding militants who carry out terrorism in Pakistan. The army chief has rightly said that Pakistan is ready to defend its territorial integrity.

Calling for mutual respect and mutual benefit, Yang voiced hope that the two countries will expand cooperation and properly settle differences so as to keep up a good momentum for the development of China-U.S. relations.

  • Leroy Wright