Causeway pupils jump for joy on results day

Despite changes to GCSE exams this year, an impressive 51 per cent of students at Marling achieved the very highest grades of A/A* and 9-7 in English and maths.

Meanwhile, slightly over 2,000 pupils achieved a grade 9 in all three reformed subjects - a figure that was more than double that number previous year at around 6,500, indicating the increased difficulty to achieve the top grade under the new system.

"So, for some of our students to have achieved grade 9 in English or maths makes me exceptionally proud as these levels are awarded to the top two per cent in the country. Thanks go to the teachers at Grace Academy".

The Department of Education said pupils who achieve a four in English and maths will not have to continue studying these subjects after age 16, similar to how scoring at least a C under the old system meant moving on. "Parents' support has been instrumental, and I hope they are celebrating with their children today".

Newmarket Academy's school principal, Nick Froy, has spoken of his delight after students achieved "excellent" GCSE results.

"This year 65 per cent of the cohort have got the equivalent of a C or higher in English and maths".

"I'm so happy. I have got the results I needed and more", he said.

Meanwhile, 68 per cent of pupils passed at a grade 4 or above, a result that still counts as a "standard pass".

Neighbouring Wilmington Grammar School for Boys saw 70 per cent of students get grades between A* and B or equivalent, while Wilmington Grammar School for Girls saw nine students achieve all A*s and As.

Students from Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn, are delighted with their GCSE success with many gaining A* and grades 8 and 9 across several subjects.

For 2017 the new grading system will be confined to these subjects but they will be phased into to all other GCSE subjects in the next two years.

The majority of these students will be joining the Sixth Form along with over 50 others as they move into Year 12 to study their AS/A2 courses.

"It is very exciting to see our students so thrilled and pleased with what they have achieved".

A total of 11 students gained grade 9 in English qualifications and the number for maths was also 11.

  • Zachary Reyes