South MS will only see partial solar eclipse around 1 pm

The moon will obstruct the sun in a manner which would cast a 70-mile-wide shadow, cutting across 14 states of America - from OR to Southern California. It's no more than 70 miles wide along most of the band, and if you can place yourself anywhere in the middle of it, you're in a really sweet spot.

It will vary depending where you are.

You'll never forget what you witness in those brief moments.

When and how do I watch it in the UK?

The next hour and a half, it will cross through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and SC, ending near Charleston, 2:48 p.m. First of all, for us here on Earth there are two different types of eclipses: solar and lunar. It's an absolutely stunning experience.

Across town - the Total Eclipse of the Park viewing party at First Tennessee Park is sold out. I was born two years too late for that one.

The last North American eclipse covered only a portion of the U.S. Northwest and western Canada. Though South Mississippi isn't in that path, we'll still see a partial eclipse - about 82% of it.

At 11:30 a.m. the sun started to dim. You can check out our handy guide below to see how much of an eclipse you'll be able to see and when to see it.

NASA Television is offering a special live program, "Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA" with real-time coverage of the event from coast to coast.

If you are unable to get glasses, one way of indirectly observing the eclipse is by using a pinhole projector. It's the number scientists around the world have collectively deemed strong enough for that lens to keep you safe during an eclipse. The last time an eclipse crossed America coast to coast was almost a century ago, Pattillo said.

For more information about traffic you can dial 511. Solar eclipses happen when the moon's shadow falls on the Earth as it passes between us and the sun. If you look directly at this solar eclipse without good protection, you can seriously damage your eyes, possibly permanently. You would see a round shadow cast onto the Earth.

"You might hear people say 'Can I look through a potato chip bag that has aluminum in it?" I have seen them in some stores.

Do not look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device. Blindness can set in nearly immediately! After glancing at the sun, turn away and remove your filter - do not remove it while looking at the sun.

Right before totality you will see something called Bailey's Beads form. And unlike with the skin, you can't feel it.

Let's take a look at some of the key eclipse facts. It will blow your mind. And if you can not see that sunlight being reflected off of that surface you're even closer to knowing if they are fake or not. What will that be like and where and how should you view it?

Stars and planets will come out in the darkened sky. "[The blind] community has been traditionally left out of astronomy and astrophysics", Winter said, "and I think that that is a glaring omission that it's time to answer".

The district also advised faculty to communicate the importance of not looking directly at the eclipse during transitional periods or for high school students who may be taking lunch during that time. On a white piece of paper or white cardboard, trace the bottom of the box. With your back to the sun, hold the piece with the hole in it so the sunlight shines through onto another piece of white cardboard.

With the eclipse on Monday, there will be areas of the the umbra, while most of the country will be see the preumbra.

The computer simulation of the eclipse can also provide those unable to watch the event in reality, with an idea of what happens during such astronomical events.

While not in the path of totality of Monday's solar eclipse, Jacksonville close enough to experience about a 90 percent eclipse, leaving a tiny sliver of the sun visible during the peak of the eclipse.

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