The A-level results day 2017: what's next for your students?

A-LEVEL results were announced across the United Kingdom this morning, and it was another joyful morning at Stroud High School with 13 per cent earning A*s. Equally successful was Georgie James, with A* in A-level biology and A grades in A Level chemistry and mathematics.

The college says results for both qualifications improved from past year with initial indications showing its A Level pass rate will stand at 99 per cent.

On Wednesday, my examinations officer downloads the results and we start to analyse them.

Worksop College student Bethan Nicholas, from Southwell, obtained A*, B and B grades.

"Additionally, nearly 70% of students gained two or more A*-B grades or equivalent".

"Students and staff alike have been rewarded for their perseverance and resilience -and moving forwards, I can only see us moving from strength to strength'".

Headteacher, Iona Davies, said: "High standards have been maintained, with a significant increase in A*-A grades and a most satisfying consolidation of A*-B grades".

· A third of all entries were graded A*/A.

If you find a course you like, get in touch with the university to see if they want to offer you a place. I never thought I'd achieve the grades I have wanted all along. Thanks must also be accorded to parents, governors and the wider school community, for their continued support.

Students across the Advertiser region have found out their A Level results today. "Almost all of our students have already had their university places confirmed". "I've had to work hard to get to this point and I'm really proud of what I have achieved".

And a remarkable 16 of them achieved three or more straight A*s.

"Our school is underpinned by the notion that every child can achieve their potential provided they are enabled to act as their best selves and are encouraged to pursue their personal passions".

"Results improved from a year ago with 99% of pupils passing at A level".

Yasmin Ali Iqra Iqbal Jodie Lee and Oliver Yuen with headteacher Judith Enright
Yasmin Ali Iqra Iqbal Jodie Lee and Oliver Yuen with headteacher Judith Enright

Topping the School's results table, Alex Benton lead the way receiving four A*s, Matthew Brint received three A*s and A, with Alice Mee, Charlotte Brady, Lottie Needham and Patrick Robbins all receiving three A* grades each.

"The vast majority of our students are going on to study higher education, some with prestigious Russell Group universities. Our Sixth Form is rapidly expanding and we are excited to continue our achievements in the next academic year".

Ellis Maddison, from Radcliffe-on-Trent, achieved an A* in English combined.

Machynlleth students saw 75.7% success iin the A*- C range at A -l evels.

Bourne Academy also offers combinations of A Level courses and BTEC Level 3.

The date students will be able to receive their grades is on Thursday August 24.

"I am indeed proud of our talented young people; I would like to take this opportunity to wish them the very best for the future, whether that is in further education or employment".

Stourport principal, Lorna Deakin, said: "I am thrilled that our students have achieved some fantastic results this year".

The University of Manchester has not adhered to this trend however, with a university spokesperson saying that "we've admitted more students than in 2016".

The school's overall pass rate was 96 per cent.

College principal Simon Partington said: "This has been another week of great celebrations at the college and we sincerely congratulate all our students for their well-deserved successes. These results are a tribute to the hard work of the pupils and teaching staff of Eastbourne College".

'There will still be more applications than there are university places'. Overall, for the first time in at least seven years, boys outperformed girls in achieving A-A* grades, gaining 26.6% A and A*, compared with 26.1% for girls.

There will be plenty of students waiting at the gates of their schools tomorrow.

  • Leroy Wright