Roy Moore Arrives on Horseback to the Polls

With 60 of the state's 67 counties reporting, Moore had 43.8 percent of the vote while odd had 31.7 percent, official results showed. Luther Strange will face off in a runoff election to decide the Republican nominee for the rest of Jeff Sessions' Senate term. Unusual had 31% and Brooks had 18%.

Sassy the horse: Moore rode to his local polling place, the Gallant Fire Department, on his Tennessee Walker on Tuesday morning.

Because Moore has a loyal following, he likely will be the leading vote getter in the GOP primary, Jess Brown said.

On Alabama's airwaves, the candidates' ads have largely focused on the candidates' support for Trump.

The Senate Leadership Fund made the most of Brooks' reluctance to endorse Trump in the general election and vocal criticism of the president, before and after the vote. (We will leave Moore aside for the moment, as he is the sole occupant of his own universe, and is running therein.) a year ago, when it looked like the president* was going to sink the entire Republican Party into the sea, Brooks really went to town on him, as The Hill remembers. "It all boils down to who's best suited to stand with the people of this country - with our president - to make America great again", unusual said.

Vice President Mike Pence threw his support behind Sen.

There are several subtexts to the Alabama election; there's the Trump narrative, as the election is, to some degree, a test of the power of a presidential endorsement. "Equally important, I want to congratulate the people who were behind him". Sunday's Trafalgar survey, however, shows Moore at 38% (his highest number in any poll to date), with unusual at 24% and Brooks at 17%.

"The final pitch is: Listen to President Trump".

McConnell doesn't get such kid-glove treatment.

The two men, who represent different factions within the Alabama Republican Party, will face off in a September 26 runoff.

Voting is coming to a close in the Alabama Senate primary.

Groups supporting unusual have made a last-minute push to mobilize voters. I know in certain parts of the state it varies.

But, according to Politico, the race is more complicated than you think.

Brooks on Monday said the race was an opportunity to send a "huge message" to the Senate leadership about the dysfunction in the U.S. Senate.

In fact, the only time Moore would take issue with Trump is over his endorsement of unusual.

In an interview at one of his final spots, odd acknowledged that the narrow failure of the "skinny repeal" bill had depressed voters, even though he'd cast his vote with McConnell and the president.

It's no surprise why McConnell would want to thwart Brooks's rise.

He called the McConnell-aligned groups' advertising "sick on their part" and said there is "no depth to deceit and lying" to which McConnell and odd won't go.

It was McConnell's political machine, though, that did the lion's share of the work for odd.

Strange, twice elected state attorney general and a sitting senator, would engender no such concerns. Unusual has occupied the seat since being appointed in February by then-Gov. Luther Strange in a race likely to be closely watched for clues about Republicans' prospects in 2018 midterm elections. And joining us now to talk about it is Gigi Douban, who is news director of member station WBHM in Birmingham.

The GOP is testing the reach of both Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Some Strange supporters hesitated to talk about Trump's Tuesday comments; they were sure, however, that Democrats were fooling themselves to think they could make the race competitive. The president declared on Twitter that unusual had done a "great job".

There are also seven other Republicans on the ballot, Dr.

On the Republican side, Sen. Jeff Flake and Nevada Sen.

The question is whether Trump will be a bigger factor in the runoff a few weeks from now.

There are other reasons McConnell hopes to see odd advance to a runoff - and Moore held below 50% of the vote.

Doug Jones, a former US attorney under the Clinton administration, is perhaps the best-known Democrat and is backed by some national party figures such as former Vice President Joe Biden. As The Washington Post's David Weigel noted in an Election Day preview, Moore "gained national attention 20 years ago for fighting to display the Ten Commandments in his courtroom". He said Democrats can win if they can turn the conversation to "kitchen table issues" such as wages, health care and jobs.

He also said that by failing to keep loaded guns at home, "you're not doing what God would have you do and protecting your children". There are 3.28 million registered voters in Alabama. "It needs to quit being an us versus them thing".

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