Swift security guard says DJ reached under skirt

Coomer called it a lie.

McFarland asked Swift if she could be sure it had not been Mueller's KYGO boss, Eddie Haskell, who grabbed her bottom.

Taylor Swift's former bodyguard says he did not immediately act when he saw Swift get groped by a Denver DJ because he didn't sense danger.

Coomer said Mueller was sacked for violating a contract clause that permitted termination in cases of real or perceived behavior that reflected badly on the station.

Swift has labeled the alleged action as a form of sexual assault. Austin Swift, the pop star's younger brother, arrived to court via the main entrance on Thursday, marking his first appearance at the trial. "I'm not going to let you or your client make me feel like this is my fault".

He added: "David Mueller unequivocally denies he touched her inappropriately in anyway".

The case remains underway in federal court in Denver.

Think twice before starting any bad blood with Taylor Swift because she will not be silenced. She countersued one month later, describing the groping incident as "completely intentional".

Swift was confident and assertive in her testimony.

"I don't know anything about Mr. Mueller".

"I didn't see his hand touch her physically", Dent says.

"Swift's attorney, Douglas Baldridge, attacked the credibility of former Denver DJ David Mueller on Tuesday, asking jurors, "What's wrong with this picture?"

"I really just dismissed a lot of things that Eddie said because, quite honestly, I didn't believe a lot of things that Eddie said", Kliesch testified.

She said she noticed nothing amiss during the brief meeting and that she and Mr Mueller were rudely escorted out of the arena later that evening.

The photographer who took pictures at the meet and greet also testified in court spoke in favour of Taylor Swift telling the court that she thought Swift had made a amusing move during the photo, at first believing she had tripped. "The only person who would have a direct eye line is someone lying underneath my skirt and we didn't have anyone positioned there", Taylor said when David's lawyer asked why there are no other witnesses to her claims. The music artist then sought a countersuit charging Mueller of assault, worth a million dollars to the DJ's $3 million suit.

Taylor alleged that Mueller groped her butt during a meet-and-greet back in June 2013 and the DJ was sacked from his job two days later.

During her testimony, Swift was shown the photograph and reiterated her accusations.

'It was a definite grab. The former security guard said he watched for Swift's reaction, but she gave no "cues" in the immediate aftermath to suggest that Dent should do something, like his job.

Swift had clever rhetoric against Mueller's attorney Gabe McFarland who did what he could to prove that the incident did not happen.

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