Israel PM Netanyahu welcomes 'friend' Modi, calls Indian PM great world leader

We are a part of this nation and happy to say that we are Indians.

During his stay in the Jewish state, Modi will have detailed discussions with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu and call on President Reuven Rivlin. For, not only is King Mohammed the chairman of the Al Quds Committee whose objective is to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, but Morocco is also home to a significant population of Moroccan Jews. This year, India and Israel are marking 25 years of our diplomatic relations.

The last high-profile visit to Israel was undertaken by President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015, and the last major visit from Israel to India was Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's tour in 2003.

While the decision to outlaw 500- and 1,000-rupee bank notes past year was part of a broader crackdown on corruption, the sudden withdrawal of 86 percent of currency in circulation left businesses, farmers and households suffering.

"We Jews are only a handful here in India".

Israelis helped India with arms in the wars of 1962, 1965 and even 1971 beside the Kargil War in 1999. But, India now hopes to leverage its relationship with Israel to attract more investment, and gain from Israeli cutting-edge technology and defence. "A progressive partnership in all these areas will shape the scope of my conversation with prime minister, my friend, Netanyahu". Moshe allegedly had a discussing with the PM pertaining to India's relation with Pakistan. However, he added that India's position at the United Nations with regard to issues related to Israel will be merit-based.

"I assume the question refers to our embassy in Tel Aviv".

India's increase in defense spending with Israel comes at the same time it has been signed major defense deals with Russian Federation. Subsequently, India recognised Israel in 1947 and permitted Israel to open its first consulate in Mumbai in 1953. He finalized a weapons deal involving the purchase of the Barak-1 vertically-launched surface-to-air missiles.

"We have a wide ranging partnership with Israel that ranges from agriculture cooperation to homeland security", Bala Bhaskar, head of the Indian foreign ministry's West Asia division, told media, adding that India's ties with Israel and the Palestinians were important in their own right and "neither should viewed through the prism of the other".

The Indian leader said he was was not looking at a traditional import-export relationship with Israel.

September 2003: Ariel Sharon became the first Israeli PM to visit India.

"India has always had a very good relationship with Palestinian authorities".

Even those of Indian origin born in Israel maintain a "deep connection" to their ancestral homeland, said Dandeker, including through music, cinema, food and cultural events.

  • Salvatore Jensen