UK's tourist: Baku creates best conditions for F1 fans

"I am just lost for words", he said.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull trailed Sergio Perez of Force India from the beginning of the race.

As Hamilton returned to the pit lane on lap 22, with the race suspended, he left his cockpit before examining the back of his auto. Hamilton frantically tried to fix the flapping piece of Mercedes bodywork by holding it down with one hand on his vehicle and the other hand on his steering wheel as he travelled at speeds in excess of 220mph.

Despite its overwhelming nature, the inaugural 2016 race saw very little carnage across the 51 laps, with no Safety Car appearance surprisingly. Under the regulations, if a driver gets 12 points within 12 months, his superlicence would be suspended for one race.

Stroll's victory makes him the first Canadian to finish on the podium since Jacques Villeneuve came third - the last of his 23 podium finishes - in the German Grand Prix in 2001.

"The stewards looked at my data", Hamilton said. Media reports estimate the elder stroll spent at least $40 million (U.S.) to get his son into the cockpit of an F1 auto.

But unsurprisingly the stewards took a dim view of his desperate actions and ordered Mercedes to haul their man in for fix works.

Hamilton got away cleanly, but Raikkonen clipped Bottas and bumped his own Ferrari into the wall, and Vettel surged past them into second place. It was at that point Vettel was hit with his penalty which he would serve two laps later.

But all the talk was about the Hamilton-Vettel incident with the Austrian GP next. "It just shows you should never give up", Bottas said.

Clearly, Hamilton wasn't in the best of moods when speaking in his post-race interview, particularly when it came to discussing the incident that saw Sebastian Vettel penalised for driving his Ferrari into Hamilton while the Briton followed a safety vehicle. The ramifications, however, are likely to go long into the night.

"You saw what happened, I don't really care about it", Hamilton told Sky Sports. I think that says it all. "We had the upper hand this weekend, we can move forwards in the future, I think through hard times true colours show, so a good day for me". It's just not driver conduct.

"I think driving dangerously which in any way can put another driver at risk, luckily we were going slow if we were going fast could have been a lot worse". I had damage, he had done something similar a couple of years ago in China, it's just not the way to do it.

"This is not an easy track, and it has not been an easy weekend so far, but today's result is a good indication of the steady progress we have made through each session".

"He break checked me so what do you expect?" Obviously, I've already had a few victories, but I think pretty much all of them have come under pretty insane circumstances. "I like to think that I remain respectful and I'll continue to do so".

  • Carolyn Briggs