Trump Urged by US Lawmakers to Push Modi on Trade, Investment

Defence figures on top of the list of vital topics during the supposedly broad-ranging discussion. "7,000 reforms alone (have been carried out) by the Government of India for ease of business and minimum government, (with) maximum governance", PM Modi said at the round-table to the chief executives. Senior US diplomats were also concerned about a gradual increase in violence in the occupied Kashmir and its negative impact on relations between India and Pakistan.

"We want to avoid a situation that escalates the tension" the official said.

Lisbon- India and Portugal on Saturday launched a joint global startup hub soon after Narendra Modi expressed his amazement that there has been no bilateral Indian Prime Ministerial visit ever to this European nation that is home to around 70,000 people of Indian origin. The deal involves the sale of 22 unarmed drones, worth more than $2 billion.

He also said that there will be ways in which American investment in India will actually be a good deal for America by creating jobs in America and making the USA more competitive.

Costa thanked the expatriate Indian community's contribution to Portugal's economy and society.

Modi and Trump are among the most followed world leaders on the social media.

Instead, when Trump and Modi meet in person for the first time this week, the Indian prime minister's main task will be to draw a distracted president's attention to a relationship he has pretty much ignored so far.

During the visit, a major area of discussion will be counter-terrorism.

Currently India doesn't have a formal alliance with the United States, but defense ties have intensified in recent years with joint drills between the two militaries and defense sales.

Further, officials said, the PM called for cooperation among startups for bringing in innovation to "tap the huge education and vocational training potential in India".

"India too has its own viable startups and industry". Despite the hiccups in Indo-US relations, the personal chemistry between Modi and Obama was visible. We want answers and also how the prime minister responds and registers our protest over the disparaging observations made about the Republic of India recently when the USA chose to walk out of the Paris (climate) pact. The decision to sell the drones also overrides Pakistan's concerns that these drones will escalate instability in the region, further depicting how the U.S. is drifting increasingly away from Pakistan.

The White House praised India for its "very positive" role in Afghanistan.

Ahead of the summit talks, the Trump administration had dismissed reports that it has been ignoring India, saying President Trump realises that the country has been a "force for good" in the world and ties with it were important.

  • Arturo Norris