Taekwondo Team Opens Door to Inter-Korean Cooperation

This comes after President Moon Jae-in announced his intentions to pursue diplomatic talks with North Korea regarding the cessation of North Korea's nuclear weapons program since sanctions have not been effective. Defense officials and the domestic news media said the missile could fly up to 497 miles - the maximum ballistic missile range allowed under a deal with the United States. He had been held by North Korea for 18 months and was released last week in a coma with brain damage. While the Blue House said that the Hyunmoo 2 missile that was successfully test launched was a key weapon in the "kill chain", created to counter North Korean nuclear weapon and missile attacks, military analysts believe that the missile's range and accuracy make it an offensive weapon that could be used in a precision strike against the North Korean leadership.

U.S. officials believe latest test could be for intercontinental ballistic missile as tensions soar on Korean peninsula.

If these five persons are returned to North Korea, they will likely face harsh abuses, including possible torture, imprisonment in prison camps, forced labor, and based on past incidents, sexual violence and potentially execution.

The recently elected progressive South Korean leader advocates balancing worldwide economic sanctions imposed on the Kim Jong Un government in the North for its continued nuclear and missile provocations, with non-political outreach, including sports diplomacy, to build trust and facilitate communication. The ballistic missile is slated to become operational by the end of the year.

Washington is the South's security guarantor and has more than 28,000 troops in the country to defend it from its neighbour, which has been intensifying missile tests - including five since Moon's inauguration - as it seeks to develop nuclear-capable ballistic missiles that could reach the continental United States.

North Korea has yet to say if it will be at the Pyeongchang Games.When the South hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics, in Seoul, the North boycotted it.

The comments which directly means that both Nations will field one hockey team would help in making the Olympic in South Korea a peaceful Olympics. "Responsible governments really need to think about ways to handle North Korea, and one of the options is regime change".

"We are the biggest victim of this incident", said the statement, which was issued by an unidentified spokesman for North Korea's Foreign Ministry. Two months later, he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, accused of committing a "hostile act" by trying to steal a political poster from his hotel in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

  • Leroy Wright