'Snap Map': Parents anxious about Snapchat's newest feature

While the newest feature only works either when Snaps or Stories are shared on Our Story, when a person enabled location settings on their phone, or when they choose certain options in Location Sharing Options, parents are still raising concerns due to the fact that Snap Map reveals a user's exact location.

The journal uses a case study to determine that "social networking users can not expect to maintain a reasonable expectation of privacy when they sign away their rights in privacy policies or post information for public consumption through their friends or any Internet viewers".

Snap surely rolled out the new feature with the intention of making communication more fun and engaging and not putting lives in jeopardy. Some people are excited about the new feature, while other people, like parents, are anxious about people's privacy. She points to Apple's "find my friends", which allows users to find the location of those in their contact. "Doing the right thing is not always the popular thing", said Adamson.

"Be careful, because like I said people pose as kids and they're not", parent Elizabeth Schneider-Loberg said.

If they choose to be visible, they'll appear as an "Actionmoji" on their friends' maps. Once it is accessed for the first time, Snap Map can be turned on or put into "Ghost Mode", which doesn't share the user's location with anyone. "So just communicate to your child, people only put the best and brightest of their lives on [social media.]". Snapchat said in a blog post. "Also, there are dodgy people on Snapchat".

FOX40 talked to a few Snapchat users and a parent of a user who all agree - it's creepy. While the feature allows users to find their friends, the Rosenberg Police Department warned there may be children who have friends on Snapchat that they have never met before.

  • Carolyn Briggs