Sebastian Vettel: Lewis Hamilton brake-checked me

Ferrari star Vettel was handed a 10-second stop-go penalty for "dangerous driving" after he deliberately drove into Hamilton's Mercedes while both were following the safety vehicle.

Hamilton made it clear he believed the Ferrari driver rammed him deliberately during the controversial thriller.

It looked like the turn of events had handed the win to Vettel until the German was asked to serve the afore mentioned stop-and-go penalty for intentionally ramming into Hamilton. It was just the second time I got a nudge.

"Nobody can criticise the stewards because they are what they are, like a referee. but they could have done more, certainly because I think it's the worst you can do". "I didn't run into the back of him on objective. It is not the way to do it". "I controlled the pace, like all the other restarts I slowed down in the same spot".

With the Safety Car out for a third time, as debris littered the 3.7-mile track following a number of collisions through the pack, Vettel rammed into the back of Hamilton. After a few laps we had some debris I think in the brakes so we had to stop and clean it, so we dropped back to I think 17th place.

Championship leader Vettel felt that he had been provoked by Hamilton's slow driving behind the safety vehicle, and that the Briton should also have been penalised by the stewards. Vettel then drove into the back of Hamilton before pulling alongside his championship rival, and deliberately banging wheels. He brake checked me as well, so what do you expert?

"For him to pretty much get away with driving into another driver is a disgrace", Hamilton, 32, said. "I'm just happy for myself, happy for my team, my friends, family". He said that he thought the penalty must have been for hitting Hamilton from behind. However, the safety vehicle was brought out once again as the jostling for positions saw debris fly off cars and prompted the marshalls to do a quick clean-up operation.

Hamilton, who was quickest around the Baku street circuit by half a second, could match Schumacher's mark at next month's British Grand Prix if he can also take pole in Austria in a fortnight. If he wants to prove he is a man we should do it out of the auto, face-to-face. Imagine all the young kids that are watching Formula One today and seeing that kind of behaviour from a four-time world champion. Driving dangerously in any way can put another driver at risk. "I want to kill it in the next 12 races". As I said the maneuver before was not necessary and he damaged my front wing, damaged also his rear a little bit, so I think that just not the right way to do it, exiting the corner, accelerating and then braking.

"By Turn 7 I'm told the Safety Car is going to come in, I'm only allowed a ten car-length gap between myself and the Safety Car whilst the lights are on. Importantly for the team, we scored more points in the fight with Ferrari and I got some good points for myself as well".

Alex Rose: So Vettel drives into Hamilton, gets a penalty and still manages to finish in front.

  • Julie Sanders